8 Years
May 20, 2011
Southern Utah
It's my first time hatching. I had some good day 7-8 movement on my eggs. Now it's day 16 and for the past few days I've candled, I've noticed only slight wavy, floating movement. Nothing strong and chick-like. It seems the mass inside the egg is maybe just a large bloodring now? Sorry, I didn't take pics, but hubby is working on it now. Good airsac on the fat end, but still some light coming through on the small end with the possible bloodring in the middle.

I did have some temp spikes to 105 a few times early on, but I still had a little hope for this batch, especially after the good movement on day 8. I'm pretty doubtful now, but didn't candle all the eggs I had.

Does anyone have pics of quitters about day 12-16? I thought there would be larger "dark mass" inside as the chick should be almost done. I've watched some youtube videos and there is much better movement than my eggs. Don't wanna throw them out, just in case.

And, what do you do with eggs once you know they are duds? Throw them in the garbage disposal or something? I'm worried about smell. Maybe just a ziplock bag in the garbage.

Thanks in advance!!
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I found with my last attempted hatch then when mine quit, I stopped seeing definite movement, and the veins that were prominent throughout the egg had looked clear. I'm assuming because there was no more blood pulsing through them.
When I disposed of them, I wanted to see how far along they were, so I put them in a ziplock and cracked them inside of that so I could get a look.

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