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    May 10, 2010
    At what point do you give up on a doe for breeding purposes or what do you do to encourage breeding?

    Situation - I am new to rabbits, my DH has had rabbits before, but never had this issue. We have a now 7 month old, almost 8 month old doe that is not interested in breeding. We have tried 3 different bucks and none look to have been successful.

    She has been a little bit different with each buck -

    First buck, she just kept running away from, we thought she was bred, gave her 30 days, no kits, back to the drawing board.

    Second buck, she chewed off whiskers and removed hair from the back of his neck and ran away from, so we started her on sunflower seeds and more leafy greens, thinking it was a vitamin/mineral issue.

    Third buck, I thought might have been successful, he actually was able to mount her, but I don't think he was successful in breeding her. I left them for a few and came back to her mounting and humping him (a dominance issue).

    We checked her over and she definitely looks like a her, but she doesn't seem interested in breeding. Otherwise, she has been a nice rabbit, friendly to us, not mean.
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    May 10, 2010
    No one????
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    I've dealt with the same issue with some of my does before.

    There are a lot of factors that can affect whether a rabbit is willing to breed or not.

    What breed is she? Some breeds take longer to sexually mature, especially the larger breeds.

    Maybe you just keep missing her "time". Rabbits are more accepting to being bred during their a certain time. To check if it's her time, look at her vent, if it's swollen and purple, she's ready to be bred, if it's light pink and not swollen, she's not ready yet. The in between color is red.

    Here's a great website that list some other factors and ways to help get your bunny in the mood:

    Good luck with her! [​IMG]
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    Is she in a place where she can see and smell the buck, and is well lit? Try keeping her in the cage next to the buck's for a week in a sunny spot.

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