Rabbit breeding question. **Problem Solved**


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Jan 25, 2008
So we brought home some rabbits and after letting them settle a couple of days, we placed a doe with the buck. Let them do their thing, both of them seemed very willing.

Well, the next day we placed the same doe in. The buck did his thing in a more timely manner and then stomped his feed and chased her about the cage continuing to stomp his feet. We took this as an "I'm done with this one". So we took her out.

We place the second doe with the buck and she would not cooperate one bit, running and wedging herself hard against the cage ignoring anything the buck was doing to court her. We tried again today, and the same thing. Does this mean she's already bred?

We were told both does were open. But I'm wondering since doe #2 was uncooperate on both days, that she's actually bred. What do you think?

**Update** A meat rabbit forum suggested placing both the doe and the buck in an open area, large enough for him to chase her around. So I blocked off a horse stall and did this, and he bred her twice successfully, just thought I'd share in case anyone else was having the same issues!
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She may not be old enough, or she may never have been caged with anyone before you may try to leave her in there for the day, checking regularly to make sure they are not fighting.....she may need some woooooing!
Nope, means she is simply not receptive to the male right now. Could be shy, lol. Rabbits don't come into season or heat like a dog or cat or some other animals on a schedule, ovulation is triggered by the mating itself, but sometimes stress can bring them into it, like traveling to a rabbit show etc. The doe's vulva would be red and puffy and she is much more receptive to the buck.

The buck stomping is just his way of showing off! If a doe is already bred, she will often be very aggressive with a buck, grunting at him and going after him if he tries any funny business!
I was told that both does have had 1-3 litters each. So being too young shouldn't be an issue.

Of the two mature does, #2 is definately more of a pill. Even when grabbed by the scruff and supported under the rear she still kicks and squirms and tries to get ya. She hides in the back corner of her cage and is generally more irritable and nervous than the #1 or Gigalo(the buck) or the younger pair.

The seller said that all the does for sale have been seperated 2-3 months from the bucks so they should be open. He also stated when I asked specific questions, that he may have some of the does mixed up because the all white ones would confuse him since he's been mixing them around to be sold. He also stated that one doe gave birth on the wire. So it makes me wonder, if a doe could give birth on the wire without him knowing she was bred, maybe this one is bred.

I'll keep working on her, but both times we tried, she just wasn't giving the boy the time of day and boy was he trying his best to woo her.
I wouldn't get rid of her because of that(in other words ignore the person that said that). She's probably just not in the mood right now. Just keep trying with her. At this time of the year a lot of them aren't really wanting to be bred anyhow.
One thing you can try and I have found to work most of the time( every doe is different)
Take the buck out of his cage and house him over nightin a different cage,( not the does cage) put the hard to breed doe in his cage ,, put her back in her own cage in teh morning. mid afternoon set her in with the buck.
If she wont breed after all that there is a chance sheis burned out and will not breed.
If its in you means to feed her for a few months with out her being receptive, I would suggest that. If not I would replace her with a fresh doe.

One thing you didnt mention is the age of the more shy doe? 2 to 3 litters can mean anything, it can mean 2 to 3 litters back to back , litter being 4 weeks old then mother rebred and kits weaned and a litter in 4 weeks.
I hate when some breeders do that then sell a spent doe. it takes a long time to build them back into condition when this happens.

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