Rabbit Chew Stick Bundles, $8 shipped! 30+ Sticks!

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    May 29, 2010
    We have one Mulberry tree in our yard & several Sycamore trees on our farm, these are the only trees we harvest from. We do not spray our trees or the grass. Sizes range from 2cm to 1 inch thick, about 9 inches long. Freshly cut with bark left on, trimmed and ready to go!

    In late Spring and Summer, we will have 100% natural Mulberry juice soaked sticks available! They are only $1 more per box.

    Each box is just $8 shipped, stuffed with different diameter branches, 8-9in long.
    There are at least 30 branches per box! I have four[4] boxes with a 1x4in thick branch included.

    Price is just for the continental USA, sorry.
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