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    Ok, don't shoot me, this may be an impossible request but a while ago in one of the many "can chickens and rabbits be kept together" threads someone (most likely one of the rabbits breeders on here) posted a link to a really great informative article from a guy on how he does his open pen, colony rabbits. It had tremendous detail about how he builds his pens, what he has in each one, how to introduce new does and how to make them tame, etc. I even remember him mentioning something about 1 tame + 1 wild rabbit = 2 wild rabbits but 2 tame + 1 wild = 3 tame rabbits.

    Anyone remember this and can you give me the link again?! I don't want to do the entire thing, but as we are redoing our coop/run area for the chickens thought I would take a look at it again to see if I can incorporate an area for my buns so they have more space. I didn't think to bookmark the link at the time of course, thinking I would remember it well enough without having to look at it again. Should've know better!!!

    Thanks guys!
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