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12 Years
May 29, 2007
Chicken Country, U S A
Im asking for people with DIY hutches, homemade cages, and such like that to show some pics of whatcha got?
Im trying to get a few new ideas for my next coupla hutches, I have a 200' roll of 1"x2" rabbit wire coming next week, and was given a bunch a left over lumber recently.

Thanks for your interest, but Im not looking for pics of ANYTHING that is premade or store-bought, Ive seen those already.

I want some pics of hutches that are totally from your own experience and ideas.
And if you have a feature in yours that you think is a great idea or very helpful in anyway, please take the time to get good pics and explain the "why" behind why you think that feature is so great.

I had gotten some old hutches that were rotted-out and falling apart, and remodeled them back into usable and secure condition, they were homemade and had/now have some kinda interesting design features.
Unfortunately, I never took any "before" pics of them.

I have 2 flemish giants that need just an awesome and large hutch, tho I am thinking about making it 2 seperate parts that can be joined for 1 big one.

PS- A hutch is a hutch, you dont have to have rabbits in yours to show me here, I have some birds in one of mine I made from a meat-rabbit cage . . .



Wow, I almost forgot about this posting.
Only 1 responce???

Thanks Nellabean, I like that stacker alot.
I want to make something similar for my flemish giants, but I think I want the doors seperated by level.

Do your bunnies only poop in their boxes, because some of my bunnies are pretty good, but there are still random droppings everwhere.

Im gonna go see what all I have to work with here, then hit up home depot if necassary.
Ill post pics when I am thru later in the weekend.
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Now that i've been using it a few weeks, I have learned that A, they needed a bigger litterbox. B, once I covered the wood floors with stick on linoleum tiles the boy had to poop all over to "mark" his territory but has since stopped. C, I need "urine guards" or taller litterboxes because the girl (top level) keeps going over the edge. I am going to make her a litterbox out of a large tub cut a bit shorter tonight.

Doors for each level would be nice....i was being cheap and lazy. Less work and less hinges!

I put the stacker cage on casters which is helpful.

I'll probably use it for summer only and move the bunnies outside for the "better weather".
These are the ones I have now, they were mostly all donated for my rabbits and old and beat up.
You can see some of the new wood and all have new(used) wire.
They all needed alot of work, but turned out to be very functional after I was done with them.

They are pretty much standard hutches, tho the octagon-shaped one is 2 levels and a built in hide.

All have new floors with wire and wooden slats.

They were all repaired with reclaimed parts of other things, and donations of wood and wire.
I rescue alot of rabbits, mostly big "ugly" ones that people dont want anymore.
I like them all.





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