Rabbit nest box bedding materials

What do you use for your rabbit nest box bedding?

  • Pine shavings

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Newspaper

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hay or straw of some sort

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
We use a combination of straw and shavings.....shavings under straw.
Can I ask why the combo? My girls will be bred in about 6weeks or so, and I want to do the best possible things for them. I was planning on using the shavings, but the lady at the feed store says they're dangerous. I googled & I'm getting mixed reviews. I had planned on using the shavings. She offered me timothy hay, so I can do that, but I was curious of the census. I just thought since I already buy the shavings, it would be easier.
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i use pine shaveings mostly. cedar shaveings r toxic to alot of small animals i refuse to use that with any of my animals it maybe why u saw mixed reviews. it mixes with the amonia in the pee and makes it a toxic gas to them. also shaveings don't hold the heat enough for the babies for long periods of time and mom's don't stay on the nests with them like how chickens do.

most of the year i only use pine but cold months and for nests i use the combo or if i buy the cheaper food when they r out of our normal feed. hay holds the heat in better since it is hollow and the pine absorbs the pee better when put under the hay. it allows for the top of the nest to stay dryer while absorbing stuff down under away from the babies. the hay helps to make the hutches smell better and if i have the cheaper feed i add as a supliment feed also since it is not a complete diet in that brand of pellets.
pine shavins are not dangerous as long as they are dried, fresh shaving that havent been kiln dried will be toxic and can kill the babys.

I have used pine shavings and a field cut hay for nesting material for over 20 years.
using a timothy based hay such as sold in feed/pet stores is only going to make the mother eat the hay and leave nothin for the babys to snuggle up and keep warm.
I'm definitely not using cedar. I didn't even put that in the poll because I know better
When I googled & spoke to the lady at the feed store I specifically said & searched & read for *pine* shavings.

THNX for the explanation on the heat & absorption. That is probably what I'll do, esp since we're in zone 4/5 & coming up on winter.
See that's what *I* thought. I've read Timothy Hay is a treat for them, which was another reason I was planning on doing the pine.

All in all, I wanted to be sure the pine shavings wouldn't be "dangerous."
We've had our babies in pine shavings for the last 9 years, no issues from them except that I'M allergic!

If you want a potentially 'safer' thought slightly more expensive option, you could use aspen shavings in place of pine.

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