RABBIT NOT EATING (advice plz)


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Jun 11, 2009
we have a 5 year old house rabbit.
i have noticed in the last 4 days,, he isnt eating any pellet food at all.
he is drinking water, plenty of it.
his food is always the same brand.
he is eating plenty of hay.
poop is normal size.
i have given him so carrots and celery, he is eating them all up.
i havent a clue what to do. i know he needs pellets, but can eat fresh veggie as a main diet?
thanks in advance.

My rabbits do fine on a mixed diet, keep offering him the pellets, check his teeth though just incase he's having teeth issues.
ive checked his teeth, all seem normal? i am just totally stumped.
this is our 4 house rabbit, and he has no unusal signs, other than not eating the pellets?
There may be some sort of blockage. I would give him some fresh pineapple (not canned). That helps break up any blockages so they can be passed.
i had a similar issue with mine, only she wouldn't eat at all. did you check your bunny's back teeth??? that could have been the problem with my bunny and i was also unaware you had to give bunny's hay. maybe try to introduce a new brand? my bunny was picky and wouldn't eat certain brands. but if you haven't checked the back teeth i would.
I'd be careful of the celery. The fiberous strands can cause blockage issues. If your rabbit isn't eating his food he needs to see a vet. Vegetables can compound an existing issue and make it worse. There could be anything from teeth issues to digestive issues going on and rabbits can go downhill very fast. So I would see a vet asap.

If yours turns out to have teeth issues offering branches from safe trees will help keep his teeth in shape. Apple trees, pear trees and willow trees are what my bunny likes.
This is a good idea, as well as yougut w/active cultures. You can mix the yogurt w/the pineapple. It realky helps their digestive tract move stuff through. Good luck.
I'd go easy on the celery - not much nutrition and could lead to the runs.
hello again,
so i measured his pellet food. and he is not eating it.
bringing him to the vet, right now is going to be expensive. i honestly cant afford our vet bill. if however it became an uncomfortable situation for him, and i can tell hes out of sorts, yes then the vet will have a visist from us. i am trying a few home remedies first. i have some medicine, from a previous bun and am thinking on giving it to him, although probably not a smart idear. okay skipping that one. i have also in the fridge. emergency feed for rabbits, its a powder food that i force feed him,.. mix it with water etc.
he hasnt been any different, and the poops are normal in size. hes trully got me stumped.
thank you for all the advice and replies,
ill let you all know, what happens. but mark my word, if hes real ill, he will be going to the vet. money being no problem when it comes down to it. just moneys tight right now, at least till next friday.
I raise rabbits and when they go off feed, it can mean so many different things. All other health issues aside, here's my suggestion, fwiw...

Bunnies really do benefit from fresh hay (timothy or grass hay - NOT clover or alfalfa for a bunny this age) and if he's eating that and it's good quality, that will go a long ways to sustain him.

I would try offering him some rolled oats (the quaker kind you'd buy at the grocery store - but not the instant kind). Also, if you're near a Fleet Farm or other farm store, try to find some Calf Manna pellets. You can also offer in small quantities black sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, barley, etc. I mix all of these seeds, oats, & calf manna as a conditioning mix. I've found it gets the ones "off feed" back to eating like a horse again. Once they are, I ease back on the amount or they can get fat.

How old are your pellets? Have you tried getting a new bag, just in case there's something funky in the current bag? I can have the whole barn go off feed if I get a bad bag from the feed mill.

Your post states he's out of sorts, but also not any different, so I'm not sure how he's doing. Have you weighed him? What breed is he?

Good luck and I hope it's just a temporary issue for your house bunny...

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