Rabbit problems


12 Years
Mar 6, 2007
Hi all. Let me give ya'll a bit of background. We adopted a rabbit two years ago who was alot older then we thought. He was perfictly potty trained and loved to be rubbed behind his ears. Then last summer we got another rabbit to give him some company. She was about 6 months old. Mr. Rabbit passed away about 5 months after we got her and she has been a terror since then. She pee's and poops all over the place(she was potty trained). Terrorizes the cats by getting on them till they lay down growls and attackes us when we try to get her out from under our bed (where she spends al night chewing on the boxes no matter that we have chew toys and sticks all over the house) So we were told that she was greiving mr, Rabbit and to get her a companion rabbit. (humm by the same vet that told me my ewe was not pregnant just to have her miscarry a week later...) So we got another young female. She has tore little bit up and today attacked my two year old while she was holding little bit. I don't know what to do. Should we find a good home for little bit, move thumper outside? Should we have them fixed? would that help or is she just got a viscous streak in her? She has been this way since we adopted her. I am wondering if she had too much freedom. She seems to only really like my husband. Any thoughts are appreceated. Crystal


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Apr 2, 2008
Spaying her might help. I did have one rabbit once that sounds like yours after it was spayed it was worse. Most of the rabbits I have spayed or nutered turned out to be alot more mellow and likeable. I would also suggest that unless your rabbits have always been housed together most of the time rabbits will not get along with any other rabbit. Some even when housed togeter all their lives unless they are spayed and nutered will fight when they reach sexual maturity. This is more so if you have 2 girls together all their lives then bring in a male or vice versa. If you want to keep both bunnies i suggest spaying both of them and not housing them together or giving free time together. Good luck to you.

buckeye lady

11 Years
Sep 29, 2008
Rootstown Ohio
Your Ladies need to be spayed and then properly introduced. Bonding 2 females is difficult and can take many weeks. It can be done, I have 3 females that live together, All spayed. Bonding my 3 females took several months.


check the behavior section.

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