rabbit question... im a rabbit noob! help!

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  1. adbayer

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    Jun 6, 2010
    about 2 weeks ago we brought home rabbits from our local trade days. the buck got ahold of one of the does before we split them up, so we expected kits in another few weeks. . .
    Last night a really bad storm blew in, so i covered the hutches, and brought our big gal, cage and all, in the garage. i set her on top of an empty mineral tub so that she wouldnt have to sit in her own poo all night. It was larger than her stand outside. Today when i went to take her & the ducklings back outside, she had knocked her pen over, and was sitting in it sideways. So i cleaned out her food dish and took her outside.... When i walked back in, I noticed a baby rabbit laying on the ground, dead.... It was pretty large, full term i would guess. (i have a pic, but its sad) Poor girl! Do you think she lost this one due to stress? Do you think there will be more? I put a nesting box in her cage asap, just in case. She is a big girl, so i would assume she would have more than one, but then again, im a total noob...

    opinions? suggestions? please and thank you!
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    Mar 27, 2009
    Chances are she was bred before you got her. Putting the nestbox in is a good idea. She may or may not have more coming, but it's better to play it safe. If she doesn't produce anything in about five days it's probably safe to take it away. Rabbits CAN apparently carry two litters at once, so you'll want to give it back to her around her due date.
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    Dec 28, 2010
    New Jersey
    You can try and palpate her to feel for any bodies in her. Is she a first time mom? If so it usually happens that they will have DOA which isn't uncommon.
  4. adbayer

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    Jun 6, 2010
    thanks [​IMG]

    I had read that they can have two pregnancies at once due to their bicorneal uterus, but i thought for sure i would recognize a babe or two in her tum when i palpatated her when we brought her home...i felt nothing, neither did my sister (who has bred rabbits twice before in FFA). I am assuming she was bred when we bought her as well.
    She usually doesnt like us to touch her, as soon as we do, she start shaking and grunts at us. Its an odd grunting noise, lol. Today she let me pet her on the head, but was not happy about me feeling on her. i will try again later, but im worried about stressing her out further.
    i dont really know if she is a first timer or not...

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