rabbit with mis-aligned jaw/teeth....what do you do?

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    Oct 30, 2008
    I have 8wk old bunnies and one of them has a mis-aligned jaw so her teeth don't file themselves down. (a rabbit's teeth constantly grow so if properly aligned it's a pretty major problem where they will grow very long and make it difficult if not impossible for them to eat). Has anyone dealt with this before? I've read about it online and some say they've just trimmed them with wire cutters and others say it could fracture and cause infection. The vet would be VERY pricey and then there's the problem of even finding one that would treat rabbits and it's something that needs to be dealt with on a monthly basis. If anyone has had this issue before please tell me what you did for it. I don't want to harm the bunny by trimming (although it doesn't seem to cause them pain) and would hate to have it put down if there is something less expensive I could do (avoiding high vet bills for constant tooth care).

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    Wire cutters or claw clippers, that's what the vet would use, too. Use a very small, sharp pair, and take your time to make sure you are properly lined up.

    If the teeth are only butting, rather than completely off, I have had some success filing them so that they have a "bevel" that encourages them to go the right way. This has only worked on very young bunnies, and not every time.

    Since this problem is thought to be genetic (caused by the shape of the skull and relative length of the jawbones) I trust you won't be breeding this girl?
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    thank you for your response. No...I don't plan to use her as breeding stock. She would be one available for sale but I will keep her now that she will need the teeth maintenance. I just don't want her suffering if the clipping is something I shouldn't be doing. The jaw is VERY crooked...as in the top and bottom don't line up AT ALL. Poor thing. The bottom teeth are to the left of where the top teeth come down...they don't even touch. I've never had a rabbit like it before. (her eyes even seem a little off center) so definately a skull defect but otherwise seems totally normal. She's nice and plump right now so I know she's able to eat for the time being so as long as she's not suffering I'll continue to keep her teeth trimmed to make eating easier. She is a little sweet heart.
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    Hope she gets better. [​IMG]
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    I'd have her teeth pulled completely. She will still be able to eat but you won't have to trim her teeth all the time.
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    My rabbit had this problem when we got him, his bottom tooth was up to his nose, we took him to the vet, it cost us $80 for the vet to trim it off. It never re-grew and has absolutely had no problem with his teeth since, because I made sure he always has sticks and lots of other things he can chew. So please anyone who has a rabbit with this problem take them to the vet and it wont happen again if you provide them with good things to chew always.

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