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Feb 17, 2009
i was at our county fair and looking at the show rabbits i decided that maybe i would like to raise a couple of show rabbits... i have already found someone who rasies show rabbits... they have a black otter buck for 35 and a black otter doe for 20.... i have research some on rabbits but i have a couple of questions... 1. can i keep them in a chicken pen thats off the ground( its 12 ft long, and has 3 seperate pens that around 4 ft each) 2. what kind of waterer do i need( will they be ok drinking from a small bowl??) and 3.. should i start with some mix rabbits( the person who has the black otter also have 3 mix rabbits FREE, so i thought it might be better to start off with these)

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The chicken pen would work fine as long as it is sturdy. Rabbits can destroy a pen pretty fast. If you have never had rabbits, you might want to start off with the mixeds until you decide if you really want rabbits or not. You can get a ball type nipple waterer for them. They are usually pretty cheap and most stores that have pet supplies would have them. I had 53 rabbits in between having chickens. I don't think I would ever do it again. They were fun and had a few that were very well trained but they can just be so destructive.
Chicken cages should be fine .. the will chew wood.

Keep them seperate.

They can drink from bowls or bottles.

They can be as addictive as chickens ..

I'll be anxious to hear how many rabbits you have this time next year .. LOL.
www.arba.net I would suggest becoming a member of this club if you are interested in breeding show rabbits. You are going to need the books and magazines they publish if you are going to show.

Best thing to do is to start off with one or two purebred breeds. Make sure you know what breed they are, and ask plenty of questions. Hook up with a good breeder that will help mentor you in those breeds.

What breeds are you dealing with here? There are otter colors in a couple of breeds that I know of, satins, and I believe rex. Otter is also non showable color in some of the other breeds.

When you get involved with these rabbits, you should show your stock. You want to breed the best possible. And invest in the best stock you can possibly get your hands on. And don't be discouraged if your animals are first off the table.

The chicken cage should be fine as long as its sturdy. otherwise, my best advice is to invest in some three, six, or twelve hole stacking untils. You can find those that are reasonably priced at rabbit shows.
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Basically, I just want to second everything chinbunny said. If you're serious about breeding and showing, follow those steps.
I would go with purebreds also. If you want to show rabbits that's the way to go. Even purebreds are not all show quality so if you can spend a little more on nicer show quality rabbits then go for it. I have a american fuzzy lop doe who has been to 2 shows and has come in last each time so she has will be staying at home no more shows and will be a brood doe and see what she produces??? She does has some nice qualities but not the whole package.

I just started in the show/breeding rabbit world and I love it but like the others said they can be addicting too. Almost every show i go to i come home with another rabbit....except today I came home with a cavy!!!!

good luck

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