Rabbits in a chicken coop... Is it safe?


Mar 18, 2015
I know there are other threads on here but none answer my question specifically. I have a chicken "jail" we use to put meat birds in the day before we process them. We also use it as a brooder once the birds can go outside. We are getting my daughter a rabbit for christmas. We want it tk stay outside and know for winter it needs to be in the coop. I have full intention of building a rabbit hutch in the spring but until then can I let the robbit live in the jail or do I need to get a temporary cage? Is there any diseases the rabbit can get from the chickens?

This is the jail. It is on the ground but as you can see there is a poop board under the roosts so it wont get into the jail. (Please excuse the mess I am in the middle of cleaning.) I was concerned with he rabbit being on the ground.
Joel Salatin keeps his rabbits in cages all winter inside the greenhouse with his chickens. Rabbit cages are on legs and chickens can roam under the cages.
Chicken wire will only hold a rabbit . . . oh . . . . . .about that long. What risks face the rabbit outside of the jail?

If the rabbit gets out then it will come face to face with my flock. I have 16 hens and 1 rooster. I am looking to do this just temporary until I build a hutch in the spring. I am just trying to think of some simple solution until then.
It is. I follow this blogger called Hencam (look her up she is amazing with chicken knowledge) and she keeps a rabbit with her chickens

So cool after I posted this I had found her Blog. I worry my rooster would hurt the bunny but I feel comfortable enough from her blog that if I put up wire cloth around the chicken jail I can use it until I get the hutch done and it's warm enough fr her to move outside. Is there anything besides a feeder and waterer it will need? do I need one of those dome things to sleep in or should i put a bunch of hay in there for it to burrow? Also what do I put on the ground?
from reading her blogs as treats she gives her rabbit banana chips. She lets her rabbit out in the run and has hay as bedding inside her coop (the jail in your case). I f you need any more info look on Hencam then go to FAQ (frequently asked questions) and search as bunny and stuff
Awesome thank you! My run wouldn't be secure enough for a bunny. My fencing doesnt go underground at all. She said she takes hers 8 inches. I plan on building a rabbit run attached to the hutch so it can go outside on nice days. We have lots of preditors out here so locking my animals up at night is important.
Ok sounds good. I have alot of predetors too. I have lost 9 chickens to hawks (two in which were my favourite)
, two to feral cats, 3 to my dog and 1 to a magpie and 1 to a fox. I have orchard netting on top of my chicken pens then, around the fencing i have on my chicken runs i have snake wire 1m high all the way around. Yesterday my cat accidently got out and was stalking my little pullets, lucky mum was out and stopped him.

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