Rabid Chicken


7 Years
Sep 9, 2012

She I have a hen that survived a vicious raccoon attack about a year and a half ago. It left her with one wing and 3 half toes on one foot. We nursed her back to health and re-named her "Rabid." At first I was worried that she would be picked on and be a the bottom of the pecking order, but she did just fine as neither the bottom or the top and has never had a problem with her disabilities. She even manages to roost at night. She's surprisingly healthy, but here's the problem.

We switched flocks this past summer from mainly Dominiques and a few Silkies to all Silkies and her. She is a nice little girl, but cannot live with Silkies. You see, my Silkies don't seem to have a pecking order. They can coexist without one and can't understand why Rabid feels the need to peck them every now and again. She runs up to them trying to establish dominance and they hunker down and are confused & upset about what she is doing. I have vaulted Silkie chicks that need to go in the pen with her soon and their heads are fragile. Her pecking could give them brain damage or kill them. I just can't do that! However, I don't want to put Rabid down either or doom her to a pen alone. My husband is upset that Rabid must go. He claims it was her home first and he really likes her. But she can't stay with the Silkies, and she should be in a small flock of standard sized chickens. I think she would be happier.

Can you or a friend you know give little Rabid a home?

Thanks, Charlie
North Georgia, USA
or dirve her up here to Ohio and I will spoil her rotten for the rest of her life with my girls.
Craigslist a great idea! I can't believe I didn't think of that. And I didn't know there was a re-homing section. You have been very helpful!

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