Racoon bit my chicken HELP!!

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Long story short a raccoon bit my chicken she has a small hole in her skin above her tale (the raccoon ripped out all her tail feathers) what can I put on it so it wont get infected. She is very low energy right now, very shocked, I've given her sugar water to help with the shock, but now I'm worried she could die from infection....

What can I do? I can't get to the store right away so until I can get some medicine is there something homeopathic or herbal or something?

Thanks.... poor chicken... :(
I would try a topical cream like neosporin.. I'm not sure but since your not getting answers that should help!
... you just posted lol, no wonder =) Neosporin shouldn't hurt but I"m sure another more experienced BYC member will be along shortly with a better answer!
Puncture wounds can be deceiving. It may not look very bad but can get infected quickly. I prefer iodine diluted with water for wounds, even for my kiddo. Diltuted peroxide will work too, be sure it gets in the wound real good. Also, boil the water first to kill off anything that it may be contaiminated with, then let it get room temp before mixing with iodine or peroxide. Next, rinse with just plain water if using peroxide. No need to rinse if you use the iodine. I would put Neosporin on too like Nayeli said. Do not cover it if it's in a place she can't pick at. Keep her seperate from the flock. When my hen got attacked, i put her in a dog carrier with pine shavings. Keep her in a dark, quiet room and warm. If the wound starts to smell bad, you can get antibiotics to put in her water at tractor supply or local feed store. Hope this helps and good luck!
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