racoon or cat?


9 Years
Feb 3, 2010
Ohio - Mid Ohio Valley
We've had our chickens terrified 2 nights in a row. My husband turned on the light and saw a pair of eyes glowing(reflecting) from the light. He fired off 2 warning shots, and the animal ran off, no harm to my chickens, no tears or damage to the hutch. DH is thinking the pest might have been a stray cat since we've heard one trying to seduce our female cat. Friends claim it must have been a coon, since they also are seen around our property. They also(friends) told us that you should be able to determine what the invading pest is by the width of the spacing of their eyes. "No difference to me" my DH says,"I'll shoot anything trying to hurt my chickens!"
I'd set up a live trap with cat food (dry or wet). You'll catch either one this way. Most animal control units have traps you can borrow. Once the critter is caught you can call them back for disposal. Problem is if its a coon, there is most likely more than one.

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