Racoon Prep for Chicken Tractor


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Im going to be building an 8x8 chicken tractor for some CX's that are coming soon. Racoons are a problem occasionally here and im wondering how to prevent them from digging underneath a tractor. Any Ideas???
I have some cheap cages as shown below. Normally I have dogs deal with raccoons and foxes but found that electrified fencing about 6" above ground and 8" from pen shuts varmint diggins down. They have to stand where wire is to dig or grab at birds in pen resulting in a good repelling zap. Move the pens a lot and have them in physical contact with each other. A single large tractor would be easier to protect than my setup. Only easy option left for critters is to jump on pens and dogs stop that.


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