Racoon problems.

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13 Years
Jan 12, 2008
After purchasing some turkey poults, I planned on raising them in my pheasant pens. After cleaning up where I had my annual burn pile, I noticed that there were fresh coon tracks in the mud. Since I have had problems with these critters killing my birds in the past, I decided to purchase some dog proof traps that are designed to catch only coons to take care of these pests before I put the turkeys in the enclosure. I caught a coon almost every night for eight days. In all, I caught 11 in a two week period. I had no idea that there were this many predators in my small area. These traps sure saved me alot of heartache by losing birds and also kept my dog and cats safe from being caught in these traps as well. I would recommend these sort of traps if you have the same situation as mine.
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