RAIN in the coop!

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    After all that warm weather we had, the skies have gathered and decided to rain for 4 days and 4 nights. We have massive flood warnings, but our house is on a hill and all our land slopes downward, so I'm not worried about that.

    What does worry me is that when I went to check on the teenagers (6 weeks) in the coop (shed) this morning, there was rain dripping from the ceiling!! The bedding is very damp around the edges and water is actively dripping from the rafters. I haven't used it as a coop in very rainy weather before, so I didn't know that this happened. I've put some towels in the cracks, but the water is coming up under the tin roof, soaking the rafters wet, creeping up the beams of wood, and dripping onto my chicks' heads. The poor kids are already terrified of the loud noise of water droplets on a metal roof.

    Once I showed up and turned on the daytime light they seemed to calm down. They actually thought the water might be kind of fun, until they started getting chilly and ran back for cover under the 250 W HEAT LAMP. And what if water hits the lamp and explodes? And starts a fire? And burns down the building and my little chickens? But if they're not warmed, they could catch a chill and die. Luckily, they are fully feathered, so if I HAVE to turn the lamp off, they won't die. I just don't want them too cold since I had a few looking puffy in corners yesterday when I turned the lamp off.

    Meanwhile, the hens are stuck in a leaky pasture pen in an uncovered run. I really need to do something about this. They look like drowned birds. The run is MUD. They have a few dry spots for cover and for scratching, but that's it. A few. If I had the money, these girls would be in a palace. But for now they are sopping wet and pitiful.

    When I was a kid I was fascinated with the story that chickens were so stupid they would turn their heads up to the rain and drown themselves in it. My red sex-links do seem to have an unhealthy obsessing with foraging in the worst of the weather, but no one in my flock is stupid enough to drown themselves. I like to hope that was an ignorant city person's idea of country life.

    Wish me luck?
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    Aw thats tough on animals when its raining ! we sure wish we had some rain here in Arizona. Hopefully after it dries up a little maybe built a dryer place for them. ! maybe put pour some sand out for the feet.

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