Rain, rain, go away!


9 Years
May 2, 2010
I feel like the worst chicken mother, ever! The rain here will not stop. I can't move the tractor to fresh, although muddy, grass because the ground is so wet, it has sunk. My girls are hanging out in their run, which is about an inch or more of mud. I would hope that they would stay in their coop. Apparently, the mud doesn't bother them nearly as much as it bothers me. What should I do? Should I put some hay down in their run? I have pine shavings down in their coop (also wet) and thought about putting it over the mud... this is all a big mess. Now I know why we have a "mud room". Can you tell I'm not from the north east?
Hi, GG. If you can't bring them grass from the yard you could buy some salad veggies. I feel if you put the straw in the run the tractor will be even harder to move. If you keep it there putting more straw in will be ok.
X2 Send it here please!
It's been raining in VA for almost a week straight, supposed to rain straight through another week!
Part of our barn flooded, luckily, the chickens side has a raised floor. But my birds hate- wind, rain, too much sun, falling leaves, noisy cars, too cold, too hot. So they stay in, lol.

Can you get someone to help pull it out and move it?
Maybe you can fit a sheet of wood under the majority of the mud so they walk on that instead.
I just throw fresh straw in the run, gives them something to do, and helps get through the rainy days.... does make it harder to move tho.....
Thank you for your replies. We finally had a dry day. I did get someone to help me move the coop. It didn't matter; I threw my back out, anyway. I haven't been able to move for 3 days, therefore, the coop will permenantly remain in its current position. The funny thing is, we tried to get the girls to run around the yard and play while we moved the tractor. They kept running back in to their run! I guess I won't worry too much the next time they get out.

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