rain rot on mare

Just spray on some BluKote. It works on fungus and bacterial infections both.
Ugh so frustrating. I had a tea tree oil spray that worked amazingly well on rain rot but I can't remember the name. I rarely had to use it on mine. I just used it on a mare who tended to get irritation and skin infections on her heels and fetlocks. One day at a show though someone asked me how to cover up a bad patch of rain rot on their horse. I had no idea but I did have a way to heal it. I sprayed the horse, shrugged my shoulders at trying to hiding the patch of thin hair and damaged skin, and walked off thinking that was that. 3 days later I get a call. The skin is nearly completely healed and the hair is growing back quickly. They are dying to know what it was I sprayed on their horse. Now I can't remember the name or find it!

I did find an aloe vera based spray for rain rot http://www.statelinetack.com/item/eqyss-micro-tek-medicated-equine-gel/SLT733838 16/ . If you can find a tea tree oil based spray at your local feed store I also recommend that. Here is a good article on cleaning and disinfecting the area: http://www.netpets.org/horses/healthspa/rainrot.html Also like it says make sure to disinfect anything that comes into contact with that area such as brushes and blankets or you will only spread it plus reinfecting the same horse again.
Regular Listerine works wonderful on all fungal infections on horses and dogs. Just apply twice a day and it should clear up nicely.
I tried all the bottled stuff and it would take so long for it to clear up so I started using diluted bleach water. Works 3 times as fast as the medicated stuff.

Make sure you brush her good, get all those clumps off and spray the area with bleach water. Works like a charm. I won't use anything else anymore. I know it isn't the natural remedy you are looking for but it really works good.
My dh's gelding gets it on occasion-I scrub his back with an iodine based shampoo, rinse and then dump Absorbine on it. Works like a charm, within a couple of days it is completely gone!

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