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    Hello! This story is a restarted, remastered version of my story, The Shadow's Omen. It is based off of my old RP, The Legend of Rainea. Like my other story, Run With The Pack: Wolf Story, this story will have multiple perspectives. Though it will have many of the same characters, it will be very different from the RP.


    Dasha, Shadow, Alana, Tulane, Suzie: bluedragonfire
    Attollo, Sylvia, Neptune*, Alektyra, Calliope: iluvorpingtons (*technically I made Neptune and gave him away, but orps played him)

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    "There's a stream this way!"

    As Sunny sprinted away, Faedon, who was eating a mouse, looked up. Wagging her tail, she jumped to her paws and sprinted after her. "Coming!" Faedon barked happily.

    The two fennec fox pups, Faedon and Sunny, were sisters. They were orphans; they had very little memories of their parents, who had mysteriously disappeared shortly after having them. Nevertheless, the pups managed, even though they were still quite young.

    The fur of the two foxes was colored like any other fennec fox: A sandy tan to orange. Their tail tips, undersides, paws, and inner ears were white. Bordering the white tail tip was a small black ring of fur. Both of them also had large feathered wings, though they had yet to learn to use them.

    Rainea was a great land that was full of riches, and it had a past shrouded with a thick fog of mystery. It had seven regions: the valley, mountains, Dark Forest, arctic, Valley of Shadows, and the House of the Elders. Each region had a creature known as a guardian to protect it. The guardians were ancient, mysterious creatures with greater power than any other known creature. The House of the Elders was the only exception to the rule of one guardian per region; it had three guardians, instead of one. This made sense, as the House of the Elders was considered to be the capital of Rainea. It held tightly guarded secrets, including the ones that Rainea's guardians would prefer to forget, as well as magic with power that no creature in Rainea could begin to fathom.

    The valley and mountains were where Sunny and Faedon were now. Nakota, a black and white tobiano mare, was the region's guardian. Kristina, a white arctic fox with streaks of silver in her snowy fur, was the guardian of the arctic. Sedna, a tasmanian masked owl, was the guardian of the Dark Forest. Izou, the guardian of the Valley of Shadows, was a large black dragon with gleaming eyes. In Rainea, most creatures were born with a power of some kind. Some were better or stronger than others.

    But the guardians had the strongest powers... if you could even call them that. It was more like magic, but over hundreds of years of use, it became bonded to them. The difference between magic and power was that every creature was born with one, even if they didn't discover it until later. Magic could be harnessed by any creature, though it took many, many years to master, and there were side effects sometimes. The guardians prevented most strong magic from being harnessed by regular creatures, because if used improperly, things could go horribly wrong.

    Sunny had been so distracted by her thoughts that she didn't notice an approaching dip in the ground. She let out a yelp as she collided with Faedon, sliding down and into the stream. Faedon cried out as she felt herself get thrown against a rock and had the wind knocked out of her. Thankfully the stream was very shallow, and the current was weak, so they didn't get carried away.

    A white, fluffy head with pointy ears popped out from behind a rock above the dip. "Are you alright?!" he called urgently.

    "Yeah..." Sunny grunted, getting to her feet and shaking the water out of her fur. "Not that that was any fun, but I'm alright."

    The white fox breathed a sigh of relief. "They're okay, Kate," he called behind him, "you don't have to go hunting for herbs." Another white fox, this one a female with gray streaks
    throughout her fur, padded to the side of the first fox.

    "Who are you?" Faedon asked them eagerly. "I'm Faedon, and this is my sister, Sunny!" Faedon was a very outgoing and curious little fox.

    The first fox chuckled, smiling at the three wolves warmly. "I'm Rocky," he said, "and this is my mate, Kate." Kate opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off as the nearby bushes rustled and the ferns shifted. The form of a large, dark gray wolf, with many black and occasional white streaks in his fur appeared, looking at the foxes intently.

    "I heard some hollering," he said, his voice like low, rumbling thunder, "is everything okay?"

    "Yeah," Sunny said, "my sister and I just slipped." The wolf grunted, nodding his large head. Sunny couldn't help noticing that his head was as big as her body.

    "Anyways," he said briskly, "have any of you seen Nakota? I've been looking everywhere for her."

    Faedon tilted her head to the side, "No. Why do you want to see her?"

    The large wolf had nothing to say to the last part of Faedon's statement. "Let's just say we're old friends," he replied with a hint of mystery in his voice.

    Kate suddenly piped up, "I saw her head north to the mountains a little while ago," she said. "She's probably heading to her cave."

    The large wolf nodded in understanding. "I see."

    "Anyways, who are you?" Sunny asked. "I'm Sunny, and this is my sister Faedon."

    "My name is Thunder," he replied simply. "I'll be on my way now. Thank you all; you've been a great help." He turned and headed north, towards where Kate had said that Nakota had gone.

    "Who was that guy?" Faedon asked Rocky once Thunder had gone.

    Rocky shrugged. "I have no idea."


    A paint tobiano mare stood in a cave, pacing worriedly. A litter of fox pups, whose mother had abandoned them, slept in the back; Nakota was watching them, until their foster mother, who Nakota had spoken to earlier, would come by and pick them up. Dark thoughts were plaguing the guardian's mind. She was... scared. The signs were pointing together all too well.
    The terrible memory flashed again.

    "You can't keep me away forever," the creature hissed softly, his voice being carried by a gentle breeze. The creature was fading away into mist. "I will be back one day. And when I return, I won't fail." As soon as he finished, he completely faded into mist and was blown away by the wind.

    This couldn't be. Nakota had banished him all those years ago! But... had he somehow found a way to return?

    Nakota sighed. She would need to speak with the other guardians soon, and until then, she would need to stop panicking. She began walking to the back of a cave, when a voice stopped her. It made her blood freeze.

    "Oh, look who's here," it snickered. Nakota paled for a second, before she curled her lips up in a furious snarl and pinned her ears back against her head, whirling around to face the intruder.

    "What are you doing here?!" Nakota roared fiercely, "I banished you years ago!" Though she hid her fright, her worst fear had come true.

    "Oh, please," Thunder scoffed. "Don't tell me you honestly thought some stupid spell could keep me away forever. If you really did, well, you're even stupider than I thought, Nakota."

    Growling, Nakota reared up and slammed her hooves back into the ground. The ground inside the cave quaked slightly, the ground cracked a bit, and a few rocks fell from the ceiling. Thunder simply dodged around them; Nakota threw herself at him, pinning him against the wall under her hooves. A small purple flame ignited on Nakota's hoof, threatening to burn him.

    "Темнота, подъем" (Translation: The darkness shall rise) Thunder chanted. A dark mist began to surround him and Nakota, obscuring the view from outsiders and drowning out the noise. No one would know what was happening. Nakota was thrown into full panic mode when she noticed this.

    "Whaaat?!" she cried, "What have you done?!"

    Thunder took advantage of Nakota's distraction and kicked her abdomen with his back legs, sending her stumbling back. She grunted as she skidded against the ground, and Thunder dove for her. He placed his front paws triumphantly on her neck, pinning her to the ground. "You're no match for my dark magic!" His paws pulsed a purple color with power, and his claws sheathed and unsheathed, digging into her neck painfully.

    Nakota looked around wildly. There would be no help coming... She eyed the fox pups at the back of the cave. They were still asleep. "Do whatever you want with me," she cried, "just leave those pups alone!"

    "Your wish is my command!" Thunder smirked. "Темнота, прийти и забрать нас" The mist began to close in around them, before they, along with the mist, disappeared in a flash of light. An eerie silence filled the air. Rainea would never be the same again.
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    love your stories
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    I will be accepting submissions for this story. I have a total of five spots open. No more than two charries per person, please. Just PM me the name, species, appearance, and side (Rainea or evil) of your charry and I'll try to fit him or her here. :)
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    Edited the first chapter
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    Chapter 2

    Nakota groaned as she blinked her eyes open unsteadily. She was incredibly sore, and she felt a piercing headache, like a pulse of lightning was shooting through it every couple of seconds. She winced as a particularly sharp pain shot through her skull. She grunted with minor annoyance as a drop of water dropped from the ceiling and conveniently landed right in her eye. Sighing, she tried to get to her feet, but flopped back onto the stone cold ground uselessly. Her entire body felt as if it was just a mound of pure lead, and her bones were made of the heaviest metal. On top of that, heavy rusty metal shackles were locked onto her legs, and several chains wound around her legs, going up and hooking high into the smooth stone wall.

    "Ah, darling, you're awake," a voice purred in the darkness as a familiar pair of glowing purple orbs appeared. Nakota felt her fur begin to bristle as she pinned her ears back and snarled.

    "I swear, if you call me by that name again I will kill you," she growled.

    "Oh sweetheart," he whispered, prowling into view and walking around her in a steady circle, "we're way too close for you to dare to hurt me." He brushed his tail underneath her chin, and she snapped her teeth at it.

    "Let me out of these chains and I'll show you exactly how much I love you!!" she screamed, fury making her quiver with anger. Her pelt bristled, making her look considerably larger and her ears were pinned back as far as they would go.

    Thunder chuckled with amusement. "Now where's the fun in that?" he asked her, his voice innocent but his eyes full of dark menace and arrogance.

    "You may have me, but Rainea's army and the other guardians will stop you!" Nakota screamed again.

    "In your dreams, oh powerful guardian," Thunder sniffed simply, his eyes taunting the paint mare. "Your band of mutts can't stop me. As for the other guardians, well," his face took on a small smirk, "they've already been taken care of." He stared off into the distance, as if reminiscing on a time long ago.

    "Whaaat?!" Nakota cried, "What have you done to them?!"

    "The useless fox has been captured, along with the guardians of the House of the Elders and the bird, and my men will have the winged beast within hours."

    Nakota stopped for several long moments, taking in what she had just heard. Feeling no other option, she pleaded, "why are you doing this?"

    "With the guardians out of the way, Rainea will be mine."

    Nakota broke out into frantic crying. She could feel her magic abilities zapping away fast. But there was one last thing she had to do...

    Nakota sent a telepathic message across all of Rainea. "Children, I hope you can hear this. It is time for you to show your true strength... I believe in you all..."


    "So then what?" Sunny yelped excitedly. Rocky and Kate were telling the two fox pups a long, detailed tale about how their fur had turned white; they were of course joking, as Kate and Rocky were merely just arctic foxes, and they had been born that way. Nevertheless, Sunny and Faedon didn't know that, and they loved the story. Their eyes were wide, and they gasped every so often.
    Rocky opened his mouth to continue, but suddenly froze. His jaws snapped shut with a hollow sound, and his ears swiveled about. Kate's eyes were wide.

    "Wha-" Sunny started to ask them what was wrong, when she suddenly heard a voice in her head. Children, I hope you can hear this. It is time for you to show your true strength... I believe in you all... "What is that?!" Sunny yelped, her sandy fur beginning to bristle. Faedon must have heard it, too, as her sister's large ears swiveled about and her eyes were huge.

    "That was Nakota!" Rocky exclaimed, his brow furrowing.

    "Remember that wolf dude who was looking for her?" Kate looked at Rocky urgently.

    "Yeah," Rocky nodded. "Funny guy."

    "I wonder if he did something to her!" Kate yelped. "I don't think anyone else saw her before she sent that out! She's in trouble!"

    Rocky's eyes went wide in alarm. "She's close! Follow me!" he shouted, and began to sprint away, with Kate not far behind him.

    "What do we do?!" Faedon yelped, looking to Sunny urgently.

    "I don't know!" Sunny shouted back, pelting after Kate and Rocky. Faedon looked around wildly, then elected to follow her sister.

    The sky was dark and overcast, as if it was about to storm. Lightning occasionally shot across the sky, and thunder rumbled in the distance. This worried Rocky and Kate even more, as Nakota's mood was known to affect the weather at times. As they skidded to a stop, Rocky glanced around wildly to survey the area. They were standing up on a cliff in the mountains, and he could see a faint shape of a castle in the distance. The trees almost completely hid it under their leafy cover, and that wasn't by accident. Whoever had built that, had meant for it to stay hidden.

    "I think she's in there!" Rocky shouted to Kate, who nodded. She turned and began running along the side of the cliff, sprinting her way down the mountain with her mate by her side. Huffing and puffing, Faedon and Sunny were hot on their trail. Rocky suddenly stumbled, as if something had hit him in the back. "What the heck was that?!"

    "I-I'm sorry!" A kite flickered into view just above him. Nearby, a brown he-wolf was hovering, pumping his wings in powerful thrusts.

    "It's alright," Rocky growled through gritted teeth, "but we need to find Nakota."

    "Have you seen her?" the kite asked.

    "I got some kind of message earlier," the brown wolf added. "We were looking for her, too."

    "Yeah, Kate and I got a message too. It was somewhat cryptic, but she needs help- fast," Rocky said quickly. "There was someone who was looking for her, and we think he might have done something to her."

    "Have you seen any of the other guardians?" the brown wolf asked.

    "No," Kate replied, stepping into the conversation.

    "What if something's happened to them?!" the kite exclaimed.

    "That's what I'm worried about," Rocky replied worriedly. "If someone's managed taken them down... we're in trouble. Big trouble."

    "We need to hurry," Kate urged.

    "Do you know where she is?" the kite inquired.

    "We think she's in that castle over there." Rocky pointed at the faint shape of the castle in the distance. "Kate could sense that it came from there."

    The kite shivered, and her form flickered again. Sunny guessed that her power was invisibility, or warping light. "What if we get captured too?"

    Rocky grimaced. "We have to be really careful. We have to try to rescue the guardians."

    The kite looked to the brown wolf, who yelped, "Someone is trying to destroy Rainea!"

    Rocky nodded grimly. "And capturing the guardians is the first step to that." He turned and began pelting towards the castle with Kate. Sunny looked and Faedon, and followed, her mind whirling with what she was hearing.

    "The castle's this way!" Kate shouted over her should to the kite and brown wolf. The kite turned invisible, and the brown wolf followed the foxes, his wings folded neatly against his back.

    At the castle entrance, Sunny skidded to a stop after Kate and Rocky. The dark opening yawned ominously in front of them. There were several different scents; one was Nakota's, and another was foreign. Sunny got a sinking feeling in her chest when she realized that one was Thunder's.

    "This is really strange..." Rocky muttered, sniffing the stone wall.

    "It's that guy who was looking for her earlier," Kate stated grimly. "The scent is recent. They're still here."

    "What guy?" the brown wolf asked curiously, "Do you think he's the one who captured her?"

    "We're pretty sure," Kate replied. "We think he was the last one to see her before she disappeared and sent out that message." Sunny stayed out of things for the most part, as she was wildly confused, but was there if they needed help.

    "Do you think the other guardians are here?" he asked.

    "I don't know. I don't smell their scent right here, but they could have been brought in another way," Kate replied. "I mean, just look at the size of this place! It's colossal!"

    Rocky chewed the side of his mouth nervously. "I don't like this. We need to split up; this place is probably crawling with guards."

    The kite landed beside the brown wolf, becoming visible. "I can try to get in from above. If anything happens, Attollo can be my backup."

    Kate nodded, "Okay. I'll take the left wing, Rocky can take the right."

    "What about us?" Sunny asked, her ears low. She was so scared... but she wanted to help.

    "Stay beside me at all times," Kate instructed sternly. "For no reason do you ever go wandering off. If there's something I need to see, tell me."

    "Yes," Sunny nodded. Her eyes were scared, but determined. We'll save you, Nakota!

    "Ready?" The brown he-wolf looked at everyone except the kite, who had faded from view again, and he therefore couldn't see.

    Kate and Rocky nodded in unison. "Ready."

    The brown wolf unfurled his tawny wings and took off into the air, soaring above the castle. Kate and Rocky dashed in, with Kate taking the left and Rocky taking the right. Sunny and Faedon hurried after Kate, their claws skidding on the tile.

    "Not them again," Thunder grumbled. "I'll be sure to keep them busy. TRACKERS! In here now!"

    Upon hearing Thunder's voice, Kate ducked behind an old piece of furniture, keeping to the shadows. "Keep down," she hissed to Sunny and Faedon.

    In a nearby foyer, tracker guards were filing in. "Find all intruders and bring them to me alive," Thunder growled. As this was happening, Rocky squeezed himself inside an old suit of armor to hide from them, keeping deathly quiet.

    The lead tracker nodded, and turned to his men. "Each intruder has a distinct scent. Find them and bring them to me so I can lead them to the king." The lead tracker's footsteps echoed as he stormed upstairs. "You're mine now, varmint."

    Kate paled. "Run!" she hissed to Sunny and Faedon, who complied without question. Kate ran after the fennec fox pups, her claws skidding on stone as she whirled around a corner.

    "Who's there?" the leader barked. "Stop at once!"

    But Kate didn't dare stop. She dove into a small room, diving into a drawer and nudging Sunny and Faedon inside. Once they were in, Kate pulled it in hastily with her paws. "I swear when I find you you'll regret it!" The tracker yelled again. "This is a stubborn one..." he muttered. Sunny suppressed a snicker.

    "I'll just have to smoke it out," the tracker muttered, and 3 marble-like balls appearing in his hand. They appeared to have blue fire burning inside them. The smile on Kate's face faded instantly as the tracker tossed them into the room. As they hit the ground, they dissolved, and a hideous gas rose into the air. Kate held her breath as the gas creeped inside the drawer from the crack. Sunny looked at Kate frantically, but Kate motioned to her, telling her not to breathe.

    About 20 seconds passed, and the smoke thinned out. "Maybe it's not here..." the tracker muttered, slowly backing out of the room. "I'll check the others." As the tracker left, Kate slowly exhaled. Sunny and Faedon began huffing and puffing hungrily.

    "What now?" Sunny whispered to Kate.

    "Follow me," Kate murmured back, pushing the drawer open. She jumped out, landing gracefully on the floor, and Faedon and Sunny followed. Kate headed deeper into the castle, with the fennec foxes on her heels, using her sharp nose to locate Nakota.

    An eerily familiar voice made them freeze. "Well, what do we have here?" Sunny's heart dropped to her paws. Thunder...

    Kate slunk into the room with Thunder, but Sunny and Faedon stayed back, watching them with wide eyes. "I should have known you were behind this," Kate growled, pinning her ears back against her head.

    "What a smart little fox," Thunder purred. "I knew you all would find me soon, but not this soon."

    "Let Nakota go," Kate told him, her voice soft, yet forceful, "and nobody gets hurt." Sunny felt a flash of admiration for Kate. She was so brave...

    "Now, you all know I can't do that. She's in the way of my plans."

    "Your plan failed the moment Nakota sent a plea for help to all of Rainea," Kate shot back. "You will lose."

    "On the contrary, silly creatures," Thunder purred. "Without the guardians, the regions will slowly fall apart. The creatures will slowly destroy one another. With them out of the way, I may rule Rainea in peace."

    "You represent everything but peace!" Kate spat. "You will never have control over Rainea as long as we stand, so give it up while there's still a chance of you getting out of here alive."

    "Why must you all be such rebels? Just join my side, and have more power than you could possibly imagine."

    "The offer is tempting, but we prefer to gain power through respect and honor," Kate growled. "Not force."

    "Respect?" Thunder sneered. "Oh please, it can be demanded. No creature shall dare disrespect me!"

    Kate shook her head. "Respect out of fear is not true respect. You of all people should see that. Nakota is respected. All the guardians are. But not through fear and mutiny, through kindness and compassion."

    "Kindness is for the weak," Thunder spat. "I will bring respect and power to this pitiful land."

    "You are wrong. You have been ever since you got that mindset." Kate's demeanor changed from argumentative to fierce as she curled her lips up in a ferocious snarl. "Now hand over Nakota and do something right for a change!"

    "Never!" Thunder roared. "This land belongs to me now. TRACKERS, in here now!"

    Rocky slid into the room, standing beside Kate. "This ends now," he growled as he charged forward with Kate. Kate leaped onto Thunder's back, sinking her claws between his shoulder blades while Rocky bit down hard on his paw.

    "You little mutts!" Thunder yelled. "Trackers grab them NOW!" He flung Rocky into the wall when he swung his paw.

    Rocky rolled, gasping for breath. He staggered to his paws, and launched himself at Thunder's neck. Meanwhile, Kate jumped down, biting down on Thunder's back leg. She yanked back, pulling his leg out from under him.

    "Древние огня" Thunder chanted, surprisingly calm as he stumbled back to his paws. An ancient fire surrounded Kate. She growled, swatting her paw at the flames as they reached out for her hungrily. Thunder repeated the spell, and the flames grew even more ferocious.

    "A-are you," Kate coughed, "a-afraid to fight without m-magic?"

    Thunder didn't answer her question. "Time for a change in scenery. Темнота, взять нас к древним основаниях" When Thunder said that, a dark cloud surrounded Kate, Rocky, and the fennec foxes. In a flash, they disappeared.
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