Rainy Days what should I do?


Mar 28, 2017
Kenner, LA.
I raising my first flock. The are almost 6 weeks old and it has been raining everyday for the past week and a half there has been a few breaks in the rain to let them out and spread their wings a bit I don't want to keep them completely cooped up all day long tho as long as the run is covered will they be fine if I let them out in the run? I mean will the know to go in the coop to stay dry if it pours?
My chicks have been out since 5-6 weeks. The run is covered and they love looking out at the rain. I do have a few feather brained ones that won't go in the coop but most will if it gets too nasty out. As long as they have a warm dry place to hide if they get wet or scared they should be fine out.

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