Raising a single duck

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by JE1279, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Jun 20, 2017
    We have a single and hubs says no more. She seems content but I have read ducks really shouldn't be by themselves. We are with her a lot but obviously not all he time. At night she sleeps in the laundry room. She doesn't make noise. She knows it's bed time and just lays down to go to sleep. During the day she either swims in her pool or goes in the house. If we are outside , she roams the yard with us. Has anyone successfully raised a single?
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    Sure you can raise a single, Would the Single be happier with a Mate? Sure---just like most of us!
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    I raised a single Duckling till I could hatch out more...He was alone for about 6 weeks..I played with him Daily and so did my Yorkie....He got to live with with other Ducklings once they grew up...He had no fear of me or my dogs....He remained nice till he was 5 months and then began to attack everyone...He hurt my little Yorkie...What happened is he thought we were bellow him in the flock...I found him a new home and he is happier there...He has not attacked anyone yet....
    Not saying that will be your situation.....
    I just think they do best when they first bond with other Ducklings and not to us.....

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