Raising backyard chickens in Thailand


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Jul 21, 2021
Hi All
Paul is my name and my Thai wife and I have 26 Rai (1rai=1,600 M2) in rural northern Thailand. Having recently retired we are planning on raising backyard chickens for more of a hobby: (about 50) for egg production. The land has a large klong (creek) along one boundary and is virgin land with many large trees. We had the undergrowth cleared some time ago (it probably needs doing again).

I am not new to chickens having been raised on a small farm (about 200acres) in Australia where amongst other thing we had 1,500 chickens for egg production.
We would greatly appreciate any suggestion on the best breed of chickens for hardiness and egg production also things that we should watch out for.

Our thoughts are to fence a small area and build a substantial chicken coup where the chickens would be locked each night, and during the day they could free range.

Any suggestion would be gratefully appreciated
Kind regards
Hi Paul and welcome home to BYC, I wish I knew what breeds were available in your area so I could make an informed suggestion. Decide if you are after just eggs or meat/eggs, or for meat only. That will give the other folks on here some direction to point you in and if we can find a member near or in Thailand, they can help with what breeds are available. Good luck and let us know what breed you settle on. And once again welcome...

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