-Raising Bobwhite Quail-


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Feb 6, 2010
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It still needs more info.

Most people do raise the birds on wire (I know you like to raise them on ground but I have my bobwhites on wire for cleaner eggs and as long as they have a dust bath in their pen they have no issues with feet). In some regions of the states, ground is not an option as the ground may be damper causing more problems for the birds. Also you mentioned you wormed your birds, you can write down how you do it for newbies.

You didn't mention circulated and still air incubators. Not all people have sportsman cabinets as their incubator source.

You need to emphasize that they are aggressive, mention ankle biters, talk about options (bits, peepers) to alleviate picking.

The more info the better! I know you can do it and I can help you along the way. Don't ever be afraid to ask others too. JJ can help you and Randal since they raise a larger number of bobwhites than I do. I just experienced ankle biters for the first time and JJ helped me out on how to alleviate that issue.
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