Raising Pullets to sell,Have you done this?

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animal nut

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Sep 11, 2008
S. E Ohio
I am considering buying 50 extra chick and raise them until they reach laying age. I will keep 10 to 15 of them for myself and sell the rest of them. I am trying to up my profit so that I may reduce the cost of feed for my current laying flock. I can get the chicks at a very good price locally and feel that I can return a profit. I would like to know what was your experiences doing this. I would hate to get stuck with a bunch of extra chicks.


C'mon C'mere Fluffa Feathers
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Feb 16, 2009
Cumberland County NJ
I have not done this before but I am doing it this year. This is my second year of keeping chickens. I began last year by buying pullets starting to lay. I paid $10 each for Rhode Island Reds & White Leghorns. I later got 4 red sex links for $15 each. After my order of baby chicks came in I sold the adults.

Now I have 3 10 month old Ameracaunas, 4 buff orpington & a 2 year old RIR as we could not catch her when I sold my chickens before.

I have 21` red stars hatched Feb 14. And 1 mystery chick. I ordered 25 but got only 22 & 1 quickly died. Nearly DOA. The packing slip said there were 25 RS 1 mystery chick and 1 extra red star. I emailed but never got a response.

I will keep maybe 8 to 10 Red Stars & sell the rest. They should be laying by July. Most folks get their chicks in cold NJ in April & May.
Some folks don't want to raise babies & would rather buy pullets beginning to lay.

Good luck!
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