Ran out of chicken feed....feed stores closed until Tuesday...


8 Years
Apr 9, 2011
Houston, Tx
I forgot to stop and grab chicken feed yesterday, I don't have any left and I have 12 chickens. What can i feed
them to get by for 2 days?

Thanks a bunch!
Do you have grass that you can mow and give to them. If you feed them a bunch of greens, weeds or vegetables, it will be deficient in protein but get them through to Tuesday.
Oatmeal, sunflower seeds- handful, hamburger, cheese, tuna, lettuce, fruit, etc They may never go back to "chicken food"! Anything you will eat, they will probably eat. Moderation is the key.
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You're in Houston? There should be a feed store somewhere that's open, specifically, a Tractor Supply. They don't close for anything, it seems.

Failing that, I usually cook a big pot of rice and oatmeal, raid the fridge fror leftovers, raid the freezer for veggies, etc. Just don't add anything with a lot of salt or sugar. Pull all the dandelions in the yard, too! Cook all the extra eggs, shells and all, plenty of protein and calcium there.
Cat or dog chow blended up with whole grain or a loaf of bread will work. They eat cat and dog food like it's candy. Probably not the best thing for your birds but it's not going to hurt them in the short term.
Yeah most TSC's are open Mon-Sat 8-9--Sun 9-6 and Memorial 9-6..at least that one I work at where I live is open those hours.

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