Ran over my incubator recently....


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I was a slacker the last batch of chicks hatching, and it was pretty darn gross inside. I finally just brought it outside, dumped it out into the trashcan and then sprayed it down to let it sit and soak a bit. Then it was about to rain and getting dark, so I moved it into the carport so it would not get rained on. Had it between the cars to stay dry. Then I did not have time to mess with it before leaving so moved it to the side, just underneath the truck so I could walk through there and use the other car.

Out of sight, out of mind.....

Then we had torrential rains and some minor flooding and I needed to drive the truck so I wouldn't float away. Hopped in and started er up, pulled forward and....

....ran over a big lump?

I was thinking DARN IT, I think I ran over a chicken! Got out to look and there was my sad little styrofoam LG in pieces.

Lots of pieces.

And I had just finally gotten the temp setting perfect and had a fantastic last hatch.

Le sigh. If nothing else, it's not every day you can say you accidently ran over your incubator.

Guess that is a good way of making sure I don't hatch any more this winter
OH, that's a total bummer!!!!

I feel ya on the lazy part though... I get the same way... then frantically clean & disinfect a week before using. Since I have one for incubating and one for hatching, it really does allow me to get lazy with it. It's only been a couple of times, but I really gotta break that habit myself.

No better reason to get a better bator
Well, when I say I ran it over with my truck, I mean with my Quad cab 4 wheel drive huge Dodge Ram.

So yes, it was not salvagable. I almost needed to sweep up the pieces

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