Random pictures of my ducks reaction to their cleaned pool with pics!

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    ...and a few random pictures of the Aussies and white guinea in there. I had NO idea what order there in because I forgot to edit as I was adding them to the word document so they're probably all mixed up. Oh well... The black Cayuga is Donna, the black runner? is Jackie. Side note, Jackie was the duckling who had a prolapsed vent that I fixed... the crested Khaki is Rikki. The two Pekings are Cheech [in pool] and Chong[not inside pool.]

    Guinea the Guinea is pictured, so are the Aussies... Spencer is the obvious Roo, then there's Kellen, Penny, Little, and Anya.

    ETA: Captions and more pictures...
    Edited again because I forgot a few pictures. ><

    Cheech with her dirty head was sleeping until I took this shot.

    Donna in front, Jackie [runner?], Rikki, and Guinea fussing at them for getting too close to HIS chicks.

    Jackie again, she was a late bloomer due to a prolapsed vent but I am beginning to wonder if she's not a Cayuga afterall...

    Spencer and his pose. Almost every picture I have of him is at this exact angle, just at different ages/feather levels.... debating on posting them, too.

    Spencer and Kellen. Chong has his head in the water bucket in the back ground...

    Guinea, Jackie and Rikki in back ground.

    Donna showing off her amazing diving skills [it's very hard to get pictures of her above water...]

    Donna after surfacing from the dive.

    Chong dipping his head in the pool, he hasn't quite figured the ramp out yet.

    Little doing little chicken things.

    In loving memory of Hyde [the black/white duckling up front]
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