Random post about animals most consider to be pests but I love. lol


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Okay, I have been reading so many posts about people killing raccoons and other animals, because they are pests. So I want to know if anyone likes these animals. One of my favorite animals are foxes, I find them to be adorable and pretty. I don't mind raccoons, though I don't really see them. I love skunks, and squirrels. I think I'm the only one in my neighborhood that does lol. The way I see it is that they were all here first so I really don't mind them coming in my yard.

Now what I don't like in my yard are other people's cats, little kids and dogs lol. I especially don't like cats that are bird killers,and just kill the bird to play with it. I would understand if the cat ate the bird but I hate when they just leave the poor thing there.

I don't mind crows near my house. I think they are wonderful birds. I also don't mind hawks, however if I see one I make sure my chickens are locked up. the hawks usually get mobbed by all the little birds that make their residence near my house. I just love all animals and I just feel so sad when people resort to killing them jsut because they are pests.

Well I just wanted to rant on about why I like these animals. I really only want positive replies. Nothing about how you hate these animals. I understand that for some of you they have killed your animals and that is why you hate them. Anyway just felt like typing this up.


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i don't mind the wild critters. foxes ans coons and such, because when you live in the country, they're going to be there.

we've got chickens, that freerange, my ducks are always in a pen,we got cats, that could be attacked,(though one of our cats likes to beat up the foxes haha)

foxes are gorgious, coons are pretty.

I would not kill one, unless it came at me first, and if it did that, it'd have rabies O_O

so I have no problem with them, they were here first, and they'll be here long after we're gone


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I don't mind squirrels as long as they stay out of the feed room!

To keep it positive, I won't comment on the others you named.


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I love squirrels and foxes, however, if they laid one paw on my chickens...

In short, I respect them, love to look at them, keep my distance, and they do the same.
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I like them all. And as an owner of chickens, 46 and counting, it's my responsibility to keep predators out of the chicken areas.

We're a certified wildlife habitat, so yes, they are welcome. My job is to keep all of them from eating my chickens. As an aside, if a snake comes around, which happens daily, the bluejays let me know asap.

Dogs get pepper sprayed. Never had one come back the third time. Kids? I just let them know if they are behaving badly, and run then home if I have to.


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I actually love seeing the wildlife around my house! I have not had a problem with them so far. (knock on wood) As long as they are not messing with my animals there is no reason for me to bother them. Dogs coming around is another story! I have never harmed one, but if they keep getting away from their owners I'm sure it is only a matter of time!!


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I also like those critters. When I first started getting into taxidermy a guy there posted a sale ad for live fox kits and ever since I have wanted one. I still havent been able to find out if they are legal to own here in WA.


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Apr 8, 2007
I like them all. And as an owner of chickens, 46 and counting, it's my responsibility to keep predators out of the chicken areas.

I agree whole heartedly. I hate reading post about people killing animals in their yard who raid their coop. You need to build a safe coop for your birds (although I realize bears may be an exception as they can be quite dangerous to humans also).

We have to inhabit the world with others, we cant go around killing them all just for living within our space.​

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