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    Jul 14, 2014
    You know when you have one of those days were nothing works out the way you wanted, needed or just plain old wished it would? Did it completely change your otherwise pleasant demeanor? Yesterday and this morning were one of those catalysts for me...I have 'busted' my backside in regards to keeping 9 little eggs in the common parameters known for good hatching 'etiquette' and it feels like 'somebody' hates me? We have lost roughly 20 degrees since Wednesday night and it is wreaking havoc with my still air bator. I had no problems for a week with my Hova 1602N Thermal Air, till yesterday morning. I have had to adjust everything in my power trying to 'keep' this box where I had it...I will probably have to post pic in 2nd post as I am Fred Flinstonian when it comes to anything IT. Usually I don't get 'mad' at my home until winter in regards to its shabby insulation quality. (Then I would grab my goose down blanket and forget about it.)
    This is a first for a burst of anger in the middle of August! Overnight I had become addicted to weather reports, et al, temp, humidity, reports of rain, etc. I picked the wrong week to give up tv. Haven't looked at it since hooking up my bator and getting into an argument with the old man over a cable bill. Told him directly, just where he could put his cable box....
    It feels like Murphy's Law as my list of bleep-ups is growing by the day.
    ~Didn't turn eggs while I was waiting for bator to stabilize, found that out the day I put them in!
    ~'Bad' thermometer caught day 3 (temp not in chick's favor)
    ~'Bad hygrometer caught day 3 (humidity not in chick's favor)
    ~Bumped eggs (have them in a carton) more than once taking them out to turn them, so started the 45 degree 'tilt' to adapt to my clumsiness...
    ~'Dropped' side of carton 2 inches trying to rotate/flip 45 degree angle, jarring all 9 eggs! I think I made up a few new 'swear' words yesterday?
    ~It rained off and on for three of four days interfering with my 'dry' hatch method, now it hasn't rained at all...yo-yo effect giving me 'migraine' though not a big deal(?)
    ~Forgot on more than one occasion to put surgi-gloves on to protect embryos from 'cooties'.
    ~Will probably remember the 'other' 10 things directly after I post this.

    On the up side;
    BYC'ers have helped me keep my chin up and keep it movin'. Thank you all.
    8 of 9 eggs show viability and considering I purchased six, I am still ahead of the curve.
    I have learned so much and in such a short period of time that I am just glad my head hasn't done a 'rotten egg', imploding would be more like it.
    Though apoplexy has been an issue :).
    Wouldn't trade any of it, it's still been worth the sleepless nights, bouts with tachycardia and g.i.r.d., exacerbated ADHD, and feelings of complete inadequacy.
    Other than that, it's all good.

    This site actually inspired me to figure out how to post a YouTube video, and figure out how to transfer/upload pics from one device to another.
    If someone would have told me that 2 days ago I would have laughed in their face (and then promptly apologized, while still laughing).
    For the first time ever I kicked Window 8.1's 'butt' instead of the usual other way around! Didn't think it was possible! Definitely owe that inspiration to BYC
    peops, who kept my fortitude against that OS monster alive AND well!

    With that said...
    I will wish anyone who had the hutzpah to read this rant, a better day, and if you are incubating or fostering anything, I wish you best success in all of your endeavors...hopefully what goes around will come around.

    (Thanks for helping to keep my 'tank' on full...and my heart happier.)


    Newly certifiable chicken nut

    P.S. If you feel the need to join me, then by ALL means, welcome aboard the Crazy Train (Express), rant away as I will empathize, or at least sympathize and reciprocate in kind.

    All right 'gang', here's to a better day going forward...
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    Feb 24, 2009
    Strasburg Ohio
    Incubating drives me nuts! So I don't do it anymore. I buy chicks.


    Hope you feel better now that you've vented!

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  3. HugHess

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    Jul 14, 2014
    My fortress as it has gotten down near 40's at night and 60's during the day!
    Funny to think there's a Hova Bator in there!

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