Rangers on chick starter...what's next, and when??

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by hensonly, May 14, 2010.

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    May 15, 2008
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    Hey, all,

    I've found lots of info on feeding Cornish x, but can't seem to locate threads on feeding Ranger chicks...mine are two weeks old, on chick starter. When do I switch them to the next level, and what should it be? Game bird feed? Grower/finisher? Broiler feed? Only I haven't found broiler feed in my local Agway or TSC...maybe I have to ask, maybe it's called something else? What protein level should they be getting? The starter is 20 %.

    Anyway, I'm eager to get them off starter ASAP because it doesn't seem to drop down through the feeders very well. I'm always having to tap on the side of the feeders to jiggle it down where they can get it. A nuisance. They are huge compared to the laying hens at the same age, they look like they could easily handle crumbles, but I don't know whether that would supply the nutrition they need...Please advise!

    I'm feeding Agway's brand of chick starter, my laying hens got Dumor and I don't remember having the problem with the feed sticking in the feeders... maybe I should just switch them to Dumor, if they need to be on starter for a while longer...

    They are still in the brooder, we're finishing the new coop and then they will go there. Confined to the house part until they're big enough that they won't get through the fence, then access to the full coop/run. Eventually into tractors. When we get them built!

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    the starter should be fine. I raise mine on Broiler starter crumbles until the day they are processed I dont use finisher or any of the others. I think anything with high protein will do especially if they are going to get to free range soon.
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    keep them on the starter till slaughter
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    I feed broiler feed from day one til slaughter. I don't think they need to switch feeds, and I don't want to deal with the hassle.

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