Rant post - Please be respectful and advice is welcome


May 31, 2020
Hello, long time lurker of this site. I've learned a lot and honestly, I don't know how my chickens would've been without all the wonderful forums and articles filled with useful information, so thank you.

Right now I need help. I know this isn't the best first impression but need help. I don't know where to go, please don't be rude, and if you don't have anything good to say don't say it all. I know this is a bit of delicate information so I'll choose my words very carefully, I hope you treat me like anyone else in this site looking for advice. I'm still a student in High School, living with my parents, and taking care of my chickens that I've had for four years. I've always taken care of them. Feed them, gave them water, cleaned their coop, try and help injured chickens, and even cull some sadly. Of course, I did have some help, like me and my dad built a coop and run for them and they also have helped me a lot financially, although sometimes they didn't want to. I'm working now so I buy their feed now and anything else they need.

Sometimes my parents and I don't meet eye to eye. They have very traditional views in life and believe in lots of old wives tells. I try to tell them how things really work but they pull out the "your just a kid" card. They believe chickens need roosters to lay eggs. They have little to no regard for the number of space chickens have in the coop. If a chicken is sick they just kill it. Heck, they buy chickens from other people and just put them with our flock! It's ridiculous! There are so many more things. They never believe anything I say. I'm just a stupid kid.

It's not just with chickens, its everything else! Anything I have to say, it's wrong. "No, we're adults, we know better", I present them with information and its false. It's so frustrating.

Sorry for my rant, this is the only site I feel comfortable posting this. I'm very reluctant on posting this because I don't want to get bombarded with hate. Heck, I might delete this later. All I want is for my parents to take my thoughts and ideas into consideration without immediately rejecting them. I don't know what to do.

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