RANT - When will I stop killing the chicks?

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11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
East Central Alberta
I have had a run of bad luck this year with trying to hatch some chicks.

It started end of January when a silkie hatched chicks right during the -30 weather. The first 3 chicks hatched were taken away from her so I could feed them, but the later ones all died - they got out of the nest and apparently couldn't get back in under the mama. Then mama wouldn't accept the first babies back so I have them in the porch. They are the only thing going good so far!
Next I had 5 dozen eggs all get a 107 temp spike so I tossed all of them just days from lockdown.
Next hatch I moved to a hatcher on day 18 and I came home on day 20 to find some pipped but not moving....they were all dead! (I left them all for a few more days just in case)
Now yesterday morning I had another temperature spike and it was 104 so last night I candled and removed the clears and ones with blood rings. This morning I took those eggs out and cracked some for the dog. There were baby chicks in 3 of them.
So I put the rest back in the bator and I'll hope for a miracle of some kind.
Now I'm having a senior moment and I can't remember the day I started this hatch but judging by the size of the chicks I cracked open it should be any day now....lol
On top of it all my australorp roo doesn't seem to be doing his job with his ladies, which all see to be on strike right now anyway
and some of my ameraucanas are escaping and running with the maran roo.

Maybe I'll get it all straightened out and have some chicks by summer....

Is anyone else having a run of bad luck with hatching this year?
Take a deep breath, have a cup of coffee/cocoa. Consult the Farmer's Almanac and set your next batch according to it. Also, if your incubator uses a wafer thermastat, change it. I change mine every year or so. It makes a big difference in holding constant temps.
I'm sorry you are having such bad luck, it sounds like you have been learning all the things NOT to do. It will get better, try to calm down and do some more studying in the Learning Center up top and in the Incubating area.

Good luck, I really hope it gets going for you soon.
Thanks ranchhand, thing is - I'm not a newbie at this! I grew up on a farm and I had my first chicks hatch back in the 1980's. This year just seems to be starting out bad.
Ginasmarans, I tried to follow the farmers almanac last year and it didn't make much difference. I had great hatches last year reguardless of when I set them. My first chick orders are for the end of march so I'd better get my act together fast. I guess there's bound to be problems when you try to fix something that's not broke.
I'll just get out the old hovabator and hatch 42 at a time instead of trying to have bigger hatches...lol
wow, you sound like me this year. temp spikes and everything. The only thing different for me, is hubby pulled the wrong plug and the time he realized what he did, thought he killed the chicks and put new eggs in thinking I would never know. Mr. Sneaky almost got away with it until I realized there was no date on the eggs. lol It took me a while to realize it because I am rushing to turn the eggs so they stay warm. So now I have no idea when the hatch is gonna be I am trying to guess from the way some look. And I am some what new at this so I hope I guess right! Oh ya, my bator is leaking water, so I had to put a bowl in instead!

Good luck, I hope things turn around for you too! I know how you feel, you are not alone! lol

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