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    Jan 4, 2010
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    My best friend (lets call her Jane to protect her name) has always been jealous of the privacy and freedom I am allowed. Her doors arn't allowed to be closed unless she has a friend over, her door locks from the outside, her mother flips through her texts, she's not allowed her own account on "her" laptop, Her parents have her facebook password, she's not allowed un-supervised with any guy. Where as my doors are shut 99% of the time (I just like having my own little bubble), My door locks from the inside, my parents don't even know which phone is mine, I'm the admin. for my laptop, My parents don't even know how to work facebook, I constantly have guy friends and my boyfriend over and I drive them around on the ATV through the woods. I feel kind of bad for her because I can see where she's comming from. I like her mom and all she's really nice, but I just had to vent. Me and another friend got into a fight and due to her mother looking through Jane's and the girls texts and found out about our dispute. It waasn't supposed to leak but it got all over the town [​IMG] oh well rant over.
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