Rascal has flipped his lid!


5 Years
Jul 28, 2014
Rascal, my grandmothers six year old chihuahua mix, has decided that if everyone isn't in the same room the world will end. About 1:45 this morning, he came to the gate and whined, waking me up, I thought something might be wrong with my grandmother because he never whines unless she steps outside or goes somewhere out of his sight, so I get up and rush (if that's what you would call trying to run half asleep) into my grandmothers room. She was absolutely fine, sleeping soundly. I figured there must have been something or someone outside so I grabbed a flashlight and went out to check I'm everything, Rascal came with me. Everything outside was a-okay and sleeping until I came along shining a light on them. (the rooster is still mad at me) Rascal went to the side of the house and stared toward to fence while sniffing the air. I walked over and inspected the area finding absolutely nothing. I came back in and tried to go back to sleep, the same thing happened, only this time he woke my mother up also. None of the other dogs are barking or even awake, the cats are sleeping, the chickens and ducks are on the roost/in their house sleeping, yet Rascal starts whining like he's been shot when he hears the slightest noise or one of us tries to go back to bed. He would stare at the floor and nervously look around the room like there was a strange dog or something in the floor. He has NEVER acted even remotely like this ever before, and I'm absolutely stumped as to what it is. After checking him over and congregating in my grandmothers room for a little over an hour, everyone went back to sleep. He whined and tried to get us all back up but we ignored him this time. (apparently everyone but me got a good nights rest) Eventually, he went to sleep, or got quiet at least, and there was no more whining. He's repeating these actions this morning. What is causing this? Is there anything I can do? He's very tense and won't stay still for more than a few seconds. The other animals are unaffected and behaving normally. Any ideas? He went outside this morning as usual and went to the same spot he did last night, sniffing around. I checked and the only thing that was there was a shrub. I can't figure out what would make him act this way.
Trying that tonight. He calmed down after drinking an insane amout of water with his morning meal. Today is when he usually gets his yearly vaccines so maybe he was dreading that? I'm not sure, I just hope it dosent happen again.

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