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    I'm having a serious rat infestation. Someone please help! We've had the pest control guy come and he poisons them but they keep coming back. What should we do? I've heard fox urine works
  2. Most predator urine like that from a fox only attracts all the other predators (foxes included) who are interested in seeing who is horning in on their all the chicken you can eat buffet. That is why it is often difficult when your walking a dog to keep him away or pull him away from a fireplug or your car's hubcaps.

    Do your own research don't take my or anyone else's word for or against it, but there are rat baits (yes that's poison) out there that are safe to use in a responsible manner around non target animals like dogs, cats, and chickens. You will also need to make changes in how you feed and house your birds to keep your property vermin free.

    Do be advised that rats have the nasty habit of urinating on their food likely to ward off competition from your chickens for the rats' food source.
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    Your coop needs to be rat proof, and the chicken food needs to be in the coop and in metal cans only. No food outside at night! Then set up safe rat bait stations, and keep them going until the bait isn't eaten at night. Lock up your pets, and warn the neighbors, so no pets eat the bait (shouldn't be possible!) or the poisoned rodents. Stop feeding the wild birds, ask the neighbors to do the same, and generally have nothing out there that looks like food. Consider owning a rotten little terrier! My barn cats have always considered rats to be my problem, not theirs. Mary

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