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Apr 15, 2013
Ok so I'm very new to this! They seem to be happy with the 250w bulb for now. These guys are 1 week old. I currently have the lid off. Is this Ok? It seems they walk back and fourth but mainly stay in the middle. Any advice is appreciated!

My first thought: it's plastic. That could be an issue. You do not want it to melt or catch fire. Keep a close eye on it, those bulbs get super hot. And I am sure you know, if they're hot, they'll go away from the light, too cold go under it. After they are a week or two old, try a 100w if you are keeping them inside. The 250 will bankrupt you. I now have mine outside with a 100w. It gets pretty chilly at night but mine are about 5 weeks old now. I would say you could change the light in a week if they are still inside. They will let you know if they're cold.
Thanks for the feedback. The 250w seems overly hot to me. It seems that they are all staying closer to the colder side at this point. Except for the one I just washed her but because poop was getting stuck. She's nice n cozy under the light, but not in its direct path. I think I'll try a 100 tonight and see how it goes. The plastic doesn't seem to be hot enough for anything to happen.

Lol these little guys are very quiet right now. Good sign right? They fall asleep at the tip of a hat Haha
Update! Picked up a 75w flukers daylight bulb advertised as reptile lighting. The chicks seem to really like it. Thoughts?

They will let you know if they are not happy. Mine sure did! I used a 250w for a couple weeks and switched to 100w last week. Mine are outside now, I only switch back to 250 when it's going to be very cold at night (30's) which I think, at least hope, we are about done with that weather for now. My birds are happy and growing like crazy. As they begin to get more of their adult feathers, you can decrease the heat by raising the bulb a little each day. Just check on them periodically, stick you hand deep down into their box and make sure it feels warm. if its warm, they are ok. I have 15 babies and have not lost a single one, so I must be doing something right :)

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