rats and mice

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10 Years
Jun 1, 2010
Pacific Northwest
my next door neighbor planted whole mess of bamboo. grr... invasive to say the least. Not only that, they harbor rats and mice. source of food, source of nesting material, source of cover.

Years ago, when I only had cats, rats were no problem. My two cats back then were really good mousers. Everyday, I would find a head or two lined up on my back patio door. but now, all my newer cats are strictly indoor and we have two retrievers. So the strays stay away from our property. Too bad. Dawgs aren't too good at mousing even though one did kill a rat not long ago.

So before I can release my chicks unsupervised in their run, I have to deal with the rats and mousies. So tomorrow, I have to build boxes to house the traps. I don't want our loveable dawgs to get their paws or nose snapped by the trap. Saw a really good plan for a rat trap in Winter The Winter Harvest by elliot coleman (a book) so I plan on making two large one and one small one.

Even if I didn't have my chicks, I really do need to deal with the problem. Found some droppings in the garage where we keep our spare fridge and a deep freezer. Rats and mousies I can deal with. It's not a pleasant thing to do. It's just one of those things in life.

have to make the run safe for my chicks... top side will have a poultry wire over the top to discourage blue jays, crows, red tail hawks. Supposedly, we also have kestrels in the area. And oh forgot to mention, there are owls in the area. with the characteristic hoot-hoot-hoot early in the morning. My partner claims that she lost her cats to a great horned owl many years ago.

I'll try to post plans and pictures and reasoning behind the design. Takes into account of rat/mouse behavior.

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