Rats and Mice?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by PoppiesChicks, May 10, 2011.

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    Apr 14, 2011
    I keep reading how people have so many rats and mice. Is this normal? I am new to chickens and live on a farm and we have cattle and feed but we don't have a rat or mouse problem. I was just wondering if it's normal with chickens to have this problem. My husband will kill me if we get rats!!! He's afraid of birds anyway so he's not too keen on the chickens and the rats and mice will only make him hate them more. Is there a way to prevent the rodents? I've read that you don't leave the food out at night and to only feed what they'll eat. Is there anything else that I can do to stop from getting rats or mice? I also am very afraid of mice :barnieand can't stand the thought of having to worry about going to the coop and having a mouse in there. Help!!!
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    If you have chickens ,especially larger ones, they will almost all the time kill and eat mice, rats, and snakes. You shouldnt have any problems with them. If you do see them show them to the chickens and they will make very short work of your pest problems.
  3. Farm cats -- we have feed here and there, the kids always spill it, multiple animals, 70 acres of hay, and we have no rats or mice near the buildings because of our 4 or 5 cats. I know we have rats and mice out in the hay because every now and then one of the cats haul them back in their mouths to play with . . . If you don't have any cats, then you can usual find some "barn" cats at a local rescue. They are already fixed and treated, just need a secluded feeding spot and they'll hang out and take care of your mice population. Our cats have caught everything from moles to rabbits . . .

    And I second the chicken thing -- I've seen chickens catch a huge bullfrog and run about the yard fighting over it -- same with a shrew. I don't think that they'd put up with either rats or mice where they could get at them.

    But you are doing all the right things -- feed in garbage cans, clean up spills, etc. If you don't have any now, as long as you don't give them a food source, they hopefully will stay away.

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