Rats stole 4 chicks. graphic pic of dead rat


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
I lost 4 Showgirl chicks out of the brooder last night. The brooder is 4' high x4' deep x8' long there is no top on it since it is in the chicken shed. I have never had a silkie or showgirl chick get out of it in the year since it was built. It has solid plywood walls and tongue and groove floor, nice solid little unit. So i was a little shocked when i had 4 missing chicks. I found 2 of them dead out side the barn and the other 2 are Missing in action. So tonight i thought i would go down and do some night time hunting. when i walked into the silkie/showgirl barn a large rat was beeting cheeks for the door and ran right over the top of my foot. So i came in the house got a nice rat trap and set it using peanut butter and bread. I went back down set the trap came back in for an hour before i went back out to check and had a nice fat female rat. well got to get back to the rat killing.

Sorry for your losses.

I love rat hunting.

Every night i grab my .410 and go for them.They dont hurt my chickens but they eat their feed.

I also use some rat poison.

Happy hunting!
Sorry for your loss...good job though. I hate rats! They carry all kinds of parasites, diseases and the droppings. My cats do a better job of killing them than the traps or poison. I also pulled the feed out of the coop. That way when they come out to get the feed the cats are ready and waiting!
I bought myself a rat-zapper a couple months ago after I'd seen one eating chicken feed in the run at night. I've not seen burrows, and did not think I'd get many, but the zapper already caught 14 and the cat just two. I catch 2 or 3 in a week then nothing for 10 days, and then it starts up again. The rats are getting smaller and smaller, have not had a big one since early July when I got the thing. I also caught a vole ad 3 big leopard slugs - just a pile of goo left with them!
So the rat zapper really works, then? How do you bait it? If you really think it's worth it I'll buy one! Thanks for the input. OP .....Great job:thumbsup
Oh, rats are just so gross! Glad you got him!

I had a mouse in my hen house, and I had to buy two steel trash cans to store my chicken food and cracked corn in. I also had a mouse nest in the rafters and I had to dismantle that........Haven't seen them much lately since I put the food away, but I'm afraid they will just eat the food out of the feeders, because I always keep them filled.

I'll have to get some traps too......

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