9 Years
Feb 26, 2010
Hatching my second batch of chicks- but this time, there'll be pet rats in the room where the brooder goes. They get some free-range time in my room, and all though they'll be under careful watch, I'm still alittle worried : P

Would rats and chicks try to hurt each other or...?

Thanks in advanced for any advice : )
Ok, this is good to know. Thanks guys.

They're good girls, but this just means more playtime out of the room for them! I think they'll like that : )

And of course pet rats aren't the same as wild ones
i have a pet rat, Lucky and i showed him the chicks we have and he didnt seem to really care lol yet again hes a fatty :3
but i would watch the rats around the chicks
i wouldnt trust the rats any farther then...well i can throw them far...how about as far as i CANT throw them :eek:

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