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May 18, 2011
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Yesterday we killed our 3rd rattlesanake within the past year. One was killed in our chicken run and the other. 2 were killed near the coop. The one my husband killed yesterday had 9 rattles!! My question is are my chickens attracting them? I have 2 little grandsons i worry about
They would certainly be going after young chicks because they could eat them. And
yes, they would also be eating eggs We have prairie rattlers and although i haven't seen any yet-
the dh has seen them in the road....

3 days ago I had been coming up short on eggs, and found a big bullsnake in the act of eating eggs,
. Went back to the house to ge ta bucket and mop/stick. just covered the head
with the mop.& pulled him up by the tail. He still had that egg in his mouth. He didnt
drop it until just before his head hit the bucket. drove him a mile and a half away to the trash
dumster and by the time i got the lid off that egg was gone! so he last a last egg supper.
Dont want to risk that with a rattler, tho

I save my rattlesnake skins by refridgerating them in a 1: solution of glycerin & alcohol for at least
three weeks, then stretch them out. Yours are probably those timbers that can get real big.
Anyway, that type of tanning makes the skin real supple, so you might want to try that next time.

But the last rattler i killed, my peas alerted me to him - I had 6 peas walking behind that snake
along the road until he was able to hole up in some rocks. Took 3 days to find him out & kill him.
And it wasnt the first they have alerted us to the rattlers!
One was looking at the bullsnake when I showed up with that mop/bucket! Maybe time to get
a couple of peas or guineas to help with eating the young snakes & to alert you. I have some
guinea keets on order for that.

I dont have any other ideas about trying to deter them, but i guess i need to start looking
for rattlers in the coop too.

Good luck & welcome!!!
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Short answer: yes.

Chickens are prey animal. They also have a distinct smell. Not only will they attract snakes, but a variety of other varmits/predators. Possums,raccoons,foxes, coyotes,bobcats, owls, hawks etc........................

However, if you live in an area with ideal snake habitat,sounds like you do, it probably isn't going to matter whether you have chickens or not. You'll still have snakes.

Keep the yard cut on the lowest mower setting. Keep flowers and shrubs weeded, trimmed and mulched. With snakes visibility is the key. Always do a walk thru before allowing your grandkids outside.

You can also place mothballs around your foundation and in your flowerbeds, even under your chicken coop. Snakes hate those.
A goose is also a good snake deterrent.
Yesterday when we were in the coop, we heard a rattler out back of the coop.. all of a sudden here came the chickens over to the back and went CRAZY, apparently they chased it away cause they were chasing something... im hoping it was that snake...

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