Rattlesnakes in the coop!


5 Years
Aug 31, 2014
Southern AZ
Hi everyone :D
I have a very large coop that is enclosed in order to keep predators out (or so I thought!)
This morning I went to do my daily feeding, watering, and poop scoop. I opened the door and there on the ground I see a pair of Mohave rattlesnakes! Of course, I :eek: FREAKED OUT....closed the door...made sure all chickens were ok, and got the hubby! Needless to say, the snakes are gone. I could tell where they had infiltrated and we cemented the holes closed. Anyone else experienced a venomous snake in the coop? I was very impressed with the way my chickens handled it. It was as if they knew to steer clear. Are the snakes attracted to the eggs, or the shade/water?
Also, can we all just do a collective "barf" at the thought of snakes in the coop?! :tongueTalk about losing your appetite for breakfast!
I would have also freaked out! Never have and hope to never find any kind of snake in the coop. We have mostly timber rattlers and sometimes diamond back in our area. What is a Mohave? Glad your chickens were okay... and welcome to BYC!
Thank you, I am also very relieved everyone is ok! A Mohave rattlesnake is a green colored diamondback rattlesnake. It is native to the Sonoran desert in certain elevations on mountains. It is rare, but very common where I reside unfortunately. It is a very beautiful snake, but it has a deadly bite and can deliver a venomous neurotoxin. Apparently they don't like big chickens though! They cannot eat them or really even catch them, unless the chicken were to bother them.
Are the snakes attracted to the eggs, or the shade/water?
Yes to all the above. I am in West Texas and we have rattlers, Copperheads, Water Moccasins, Rat/Chicken snakes and bunches of harmless garden snakes...but snakes none the less. Where you are is probably pretty arid so they are seeking shade and water most likely. Closing off their access was the first and best thing to do. Also there are a couple of products that actually do work to repel certain species of snakes. Some safe and some not. One is sulfur based and I would not use it around my birds. The other are products that confuse the snakes scent abilities and are safe to use around the house and birds. I use Ortho Snake B Gone which is basically scented oils. Even so a snake does make it through now and then. Be very careful...two of our dogs were bit by a Copperhead recently and it was really touch and go for a while. Big vet bill healthy dog though so it was worth it.
I have found what I consider to be the best snake trap. A wire minnow trap with a hole on each end. I place an egg or two in it, the snake will go in the hole and can not find its way back out then you can remove it anyway you see fit.
Good luck

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