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    One of my ladies has a raw spot from our rooster jumping on her and ripping out her feathers. Today I noticed that it was very red and some blood may be appearing. I have heard that once there is blood the other birds will peck at her. I did notice one of the other ladies started to do this. I am not sure of what to do, should I separate her immediately and let her feathers grow back before letting her back into the coop? Any suggestions would help!
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    There a few things you can do. Separation is the one you mentioned. If you separate, the best is to use a cage in the coop so she doesn't lose to much in the pecking order. There is also saddles that protect the hens back while mating, they will also protect the blood feathers when they come in. Separating the rooster might help. If she is bleeding use blukote or something like that it will slow down the others when they don't see the blood.
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    My grandma would put campho-phenique on the wounds as a healing agent and put either baby powder or corn starch over the wound to camouflage the red or pink color. This discouraged the other chickens from pecking at the raw wound. The old remedies seem to work well and they are often cheep and simple.

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