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Aug 8, 2010
Hey guys its me again with eagle eye. for those of you who don't know Monday afternoon this week when i got home from basketball i went to let out my chickens. after i let them out i got a cup of corn and started spreading it out for the hens. as they ate i watched them as i do everyday because watching them sooths me down from the stressful day. anyways while watching them i noticed eagle eye a Americana or EE as some call them was limping to get around to the corn. I picked her up to look at her leg but noticed it wasn't her leg it was her wing. it was down on one side. making her unbalanced that explained the limping. so i took her in the brooding box for 3 days now and she is drinking but not eating. she isn't laying any eggs yet either. i know Americana's don't lay eggs often but 3 days? She is also pooping but its light green?! maybe its something other than a broken wing? well i got the pics tell me what you guys would do and if you have any experience please tell. THANKS!!!!!

here is pictures of her bad wing.




and pics of her good wing.



here is pics of the green poop




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Apr 15, 2009
The green poop is likely due to her not eating. Poops with a high bile content are green.

How old is she? Why do you believe the wing is broken? Is she moving the wing at all? Is the limp due to her being off-balance or does she appear to also have something going on with the leg? Has she been vaccinated against Marek's?


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Jan 27, 2007
As they'll compensate for any sort of lateralized gimpiness by balancing with a wing(s) (anything from bumblefoot/gout to fracture of leg). Without checking suspect wing for unusual range of motion/guarding (firmly hold chook with thumbs over center of back, palms, fingers around flanks and under abdomen with wings folded over your hands - head pointed away from your body. Gently raise and lower the chook - this will cause her to flap wings and you can check for any unusual/lack of movement in suspect wing) it is hard to be sure why the wing is dragging (mechanical injuries). Examining legs/feet for injury/swelling would help rule other potential causes out.

You could always `sling' her and she how she ambulates about: (pg.429)

Have you tried feeding meal worms, hard boiled/scrambled eggs (anything your chooks chow down on)?


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Dec 7, 2010
My Cochin rooster has the same symptoms drooping wing and green poop. We are nearing the end of the second week of the drooping wing and about five days of the green poop. I'm a new chicken caretaker, and like you, I don't know what is going on. I suspect Marek's, but I suppose it could be an injury. I have been giving my rooster foods that are easier to digest than the regular feed or scratch. He eats a little of it.

My vet says green poop is an indicator of liver problems.

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