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    Jan 30, 2016
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    So, we bought this house in may and it came with the storage shed with the run attached to it and 4 very old barred rocks...we expanded the run and added a door to between the 2 areas--that way we had space for the girls that i bought to grow up...the older barred rocks stayed with us all summer long-never giving us an egg, and we rehomed them to a friend that wanted chickens for bugs in her yard not really caring about the fact they werent laying..ive moved my 3 original hens to the bigger side, and grew up 3 more girls...all are together now getting along great--have 3 more pullets growing up on the other side,,,my husbands thought--clean out the shed--we have another that everything can and will be moved to, add a the girls a true coop where they can have nice nest boxes and able to get out of the cold/rain and leave me some storage space for feed, hay, rakes thought was to clean out the entire shed, insulate the walls obviously, create an opening and ramp for the girls from the run, a wall with nest boxes and another wall with roosting ladders...hardware cloth a *screen door* to allow better ventilation--there is a window on the shed-- for the hot summer days of south alabama, and still allow it to be closed up for winter nights/rainy days.adding a rubbermaid type storage closet to the backside for feed/hay/rakes yall think its doable or am i dreaming a pipedream? All girls free range in the yard for most days weather allowing..Oh. And we are expanding the coop another 3 feet back for more ground total birds the time all is said and done with be 12


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    well if you can give me the dimensions that should help but I think that you should have enough room, I think that if you put a poopboard over the nest boxes and then did a roost over that it would maximize floor space and then you could put their feeders on either side of the door, I think that it could work.

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