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Aug 4, 2020
Hi all, unfortunately I have 2 beautiful boys that need a new home. One is a Welsummer x Brahma and the other is full Brahma. They are hand reared hence very tame and have a very calm temperament. If you know of anyone that can give these boys a loving home please get in touch. I'm in Suffolk, UK x p.s. sorry if this is wrong forum to post this !


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Hello fellow Brit! They are beautiful boys.

I'm overrun with surplus cockerels so in the same boat as you!
Hello 😉 I have their Dad and a Sebright boy so I can't keep anymore cockerels in the space that I have. They are so lovely and just love a cuddle 🥰 Really hoping to find them a loving home. I did see last night that the BHWT have an adoption form on their website for cockerels so I might join that x
That's good to know, I'll check that out.

I've got a bachelor pen atm. Only thing I can do until new homes are found for them. Crazy hormonal stage but thankfully all getting on well together.

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