Re-homing 5 possible roosters!


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Mar 23, 2014
So when I went to TCS to pick up my chicks, I thought the bantams were super cute. So I picked out all bantams. Well unfortunately 4 of those appear to be roos. We sadly do not have enough land for any roos. I do not know what breeds they are. They are about 4 weeks old now. We live in the south Columbus area. My husband prefers they not be eaten. We also have 1 barred rock roo to rehome as well. Since this is my first experience with chickens, I will make a much wiser decision next time.

this is Fawkes above This is Roo below (the barred rock)

this one above is Haggrid
adding more pictures in a moment.
And here are the rest

2 below are Moose and squirrel they look the same to me just one is bigger.

And here is another picture of Haggrid
I was more hoping someone local would be interested. I prefer not to ship I feel that would be super hard on them at this age.

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